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On this page you will find practical tips for your daily life in the city.

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The Integration Service

The Integration Service is a particular point of contact of the City of Wolfsburg for all those coming from abroad to live here. This service offers you practical guidance in your first steps in your new environment. We advise you on important questions such as employment, school and accommodation, health insurance, social services as well as financial support for families, etc.

Our advisers are specialists who speak various languages and can inform you about the appropriate steps to be taken for your integration or can refer you to interpreters and translators. We also help you to find the relevant offices, services and institutions.


Integration Service of the City of Wolfsburg
Porschestraße 49
38440 Wolfsburg

Mrs. Nora Ghiani
Room B221

Date arrangements
phone: 05361 28-2673

Mrs. Radhia Briki
Room B223

Date arrangements
phone: 05361 28-2974

Mr. Suliman Ali
Room B222

Date arrangements
phone: 05361 28-2992

The Foreigners Section which belongs to the Citizen Services Department is the first contact address for new citizens of the city of Wolfsburg. Here we answer your questions as to your rights of residence, your permission to reside as well as your potential naturalization.


The staff of the Citizens Services Department can be contacted via our Service Centre by dialling telephone number 115:
  • from Monday through Friday
  • from 07:00 to 18:00 h.

The Volkshochschule offers our new citizens from abroad the opportunity to learn German. “German as a foreign language” is the title of these courses that may be chosen according to the level of previous knowledge and take place either before midday (crash courses) or in the evening. Call us to make an appointment and take advice at the premises of the Centre. Wherever possible, the interview will be made in your mother tongue. We will inform you how courses can be adjusted to your requirements, and whether the participation fee can be waived.

Places of the courses:

VHS 1:
Hugo-Junkers-Weg 5
38440 Wolfsburg

VHS 3: 
1-2-3 Schule
Dessauer Straße 1
38444 Wolfsburg-Westhagen

VHS 4: 
Grundschule Alt Reislingen
Kantor-Wurm-Straße 2
38446 Wolfsburg


Mrs. Wiebke Schwendrowski
Phone: 05361 8913022

Places of the advice and appointments:

VHS 3 (Wolfsburg-Westhagen)
Thursdays 14:00 – 17:00 h

We will help you to find a day care centre for your children. The day care centres in Wolfsburg offer a whole range of care schemes. Communication is a prerequisite for collective life and learning. Children have much less difficulties than adults in learning a new language. At the Wolfsburg day care centres, the little ones learn the new language easily in their everyday contacts with other children. In all of Wolfsburg’s day care centres, the children are assisted in learning German as a second language. In some of them, the groups are bilingual, i.e. one teacher speaks German and another English, Spanish or Italian. So the children learn German without neglecting their mother tongue. 

You can yourself enroll your child online for a place in a daycare centre: WOLLES WELT. We should be pleased to assist you, if necessary.


Advice with respect to day care for your children in Wolfsburg as well as a list of the day care centres in Wolfsburg can be obtained from:

Wolfsburger Tagesmütter e.V.
Rathaus D
Pestalozziallee 1a
38440 Wolfsburg

Phone: 05361 28-2314

Wolfsburg’s educational infrastructure excels by its variety and high quality standards. In addition to the schools of Germany’s tracked school system (Hauptschule, Realschule, Gymnasium), there are also Gesamtschulen and Oberschulen as secondary schools which combine different school types under one umbrella. Many of Wolfsburg’s schools offer bilingual profiles, teaching in several native tongues or particular schemes for learning German. 

In line with the existing offers, specific support for learning German facilitates successful integration into the German education system while at the same time mother tongue based learning – as is the ideal practice – is offered. 

Should you wish for assistance in choosing the right school for your children, you may contact the counselling centre of the City of Wolfsburg where you will find competent contact persons. Please bring along an interpreter if you consider this to be necessary.


Stadt Wolfsburg
Schillerstraße 6
38440 Wolfsburg

Advice in school matters:

Mrs. Anna Rau
Phone: 05361 28-2119

Mrs. Maren Körber
Phone: 05361 28-1726

The Job Centre will advise you about the possibilities of recognition / appraisal of your qualifications in Germany should you have completed vocational training or earned a degree in your country of origin. 

We will help you during the entire recognition procedure and assist you in filing the application. This advice is free of charge and confidential.

Office hours:

Advice on recognition at the Wolfsburg Job Centre only after after having made an appointment by phone.

Monday to Thursday: 08:00 to 12:00 h

Tuesday and Thursday: 14:00 to 17:00 h


Wolfsburg Job Centre
Porschestr. 2 / Room 170
38440 Wolfsburg


Mrs. Angelika Horst-Neumann
Phone: 05361 4649-122

Mrs. Susanne Kolle
Phone: 05361 4649-119

Mr. Harry Zander
Phone: 05361 4649-123

The Wolfsburg International Friends Association e.V. provides a forum for members of the public to exchange information, opinions and experience with regard to international affairs and the impact of increasing globalization in Wolfsburg. It is a meeting place for people from different national, cultural and religious backgrounds whose commitment to integration, equal rights and intercultural exchange is geared towards the cultivation and promotion of mutual understanding and tolerance. 

The International Circle of Friends Wolfsburg was founded in spring 2006 by local citizens and the City of Wolfsburg. Our goal is to reinforce and develop Wolfsburg’s image and reputation as an open, tolerant and forward-looking city. Particular emphasis is placed on the promotion of activities in the areas of youth affairs, education, culture and sport. By networking with key individuals and internationally oriented institutions in Wolfsburg we are able to achieve a high level of interaction and cooperation.


The Wolfsburg International Friends Association e.V.
Porschestraße 49
38440 Wolfsburg
City Hall, Room A109

Manfred Hüller
Phone: 05361 28-2204

Initially, it might be rather difficult for a new citizen to cope with the German health system which is, however, well organized. So some features will be described here which are important to know when requiring medical treatment in Germany. 


Emergency treatment will be necessary in case of disease or injury requiring immediate medical treatment. This may be a fracture of a leg, heavy bleeding, breathing troubles, intoxication or sudden unconsciousness. In case of emergency, call for help by dialling 112. You can dial this number from everywhere in Germany via cellphone or on the landline without dialling code. You have to describe the type of emergency as precisely as possible. Terminate the call only after having clarified all important questions as regards the type of emergency. 


In Germany, a distinction is made between family practitioners and specialists. Besides the family doctors, general practitioners – and often also internists – practise as family doctors. Most diseases are treated by the family doctors. If you have got a cold, feel sick from vomiting or diarrhoea, you should see your family doctor. He or she will examine you and, if need be, give you a prescription that you then can take to a pharmacy. Should special examinations be necessary, the family doctor will refer you to a specialist. For particular diseases – e.g. of children –, it may be reasonable to directly see a specialist. If you are not sure how to proceed, you may in any case see your family doctor who will advise you.

Information about the physicians in Wolfsburg who speak your mother tongue is available on the sites:

If you cannot reach your doctor during the night, at the weekend or Wednesday afternoon, you may go to an urgent care facility (telephone No. 05361 19292). 


In Germany, for treatment or surgery in a hospital, you will need a referral from your family doctor or attending specialist unless your condition requires immediate hospitalization.


Most persons living and working in Germany are members of the German statutory health insurance system and have a personal health insurance card (chip card) he/she must present every time he/she sees a doctor. If you do not have such a chip card that you can present to the doctor, you will initially have to pay the doctor’s bills yourself and then recover the costs from your health insurance.


In Germany, drugs and surgical dressings are sold in pharmacies. Some drugs – so-called drugs available only on medical prescription – can be obtained in pharmacies only if you present a prescription from your attending doctor. In the pharmacy, you can also get advice on health questions. Outside the regular opening hours, an emergency pharmacy service is available during the night, at weekends and on Sundays and public holidays. Please take from the local newspaper which pharmacy is open. A list of the open pharmacies can also be found on the door of the pharmacies, which all work on a rotating basis.

Emergency and important telephone numbers:

  • Police: Heßlinger Straße 27, 38440 Wolfsburg, phone 110

  • Fire brigade, rescue service, emergency physician: phone 112

  • Number of poison control centre: phone 0551 19240

  • Medical emergency services: Sauerbruchstraße 7, 38440 Wolfsburg, phone 05361 19292

  • Klinikum Wolfsburg (Hospital): Sauerbruchstraße 7, 38440 Wolfsburg, phone 05361 80-0

  • AWO Psychiatry Centre: Vor dem Kaiserdom 10, 38154 Königslutter, phone 05353 90-0

  • Health Office: Rosenweg 1a, 38446 Wolfsburg, phone 05361 28-2020

  • Social-psychiatric Services: Rosenweg 1a, 38446 Wolfsburg, phone 05361 28-2040

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