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Insurance and chip for dogs

  • General information

    Liability insurance for dogs from the age of 7 months (so that victims of biting attacks are not left with their costs) is mandatory. Dogs, regardless of breed, must also be registered via electronic chip.

  • Requirements

    Liability insurance with coverage of at least:

    • 500.000,00 € for personal injuries
    • 250.000,00 € for property damage

  • Special features

    Info about the chip:

    • obligatory for every dog (also for older dogs)
    • can be inserted by any veterinarian (also in other states)
    • already inserted chips must NOT be replaced
    • chip should be inserted up to 6 months (if inserted too early, it can shift and not sit on the shoulder where it belongs)
    • completely harmless (also for older dogs)
    • on the chip is a number stored in the central dog register (under construction)

  • Responsible office

    Regulatory Office:

    City Hall B, Room 012

    Telephone: 05361 28-1234
    Fax: 05361 28-2090

    E-mail to the public order office

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