Support Wolfsburg's urban climate by donating a tree! Find out how you can make a contribution to climate protection with individual or collective tree donations.">Support Wolfsburg's urban climate by donating a tree! Find out how you can make a contribution to climate protection with individual or collective tree donations.">

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Tree donation portal of the city of Wolfsburg

Due to climate change, trees are suffering more and more and there is an increased number of failures in the stands, for example due to drought, storms, diseases or pests.

As the trees make an important contribution to our urban climate, more and more citizens want to make a contribution by donating new and replanting trees in order to secure the tree population.

The donation trees also represent a lasting memory and can be a sustainable gift for special occasions. A donation enables the city of Wolfsburg to plant additional trees in public green spaces, on streets, in squares and in municipal cemeteries. With a donation of 20.00 euros or more, you can make a contribution to climate protection.

Single tree donation

From a donation of 300.00 euros, a personal individual tree donation can be justified.

This lump sum includes

  • the procurement and planting of a tree of nursery quality
  • development care for the first three years

Not included is an optional dedication: an 11 x 11 cm stainless steel plaque on a weatherproof palisade with your personal dedication text.

In addition, you will receive a donation agreement (with the dedication text), the site plan and the description of your donation tree.

Dedications and a choice of location are only possible for individual tree donations.

Collection tree donation

From a donation of 20.00 euros, you have the opportunity to participate in new and replanting by the city of Wolfsburg. As soon as sufficient funds for collective donation trees have been collected (300.00 euros), a corresponding number of trees will be planted in the following planting period.

Dedications and a choice of city location are possible for individual tree donations.

What is the procedure?

  1. You provide us with your contact details and, if applicable, your desired tree location and the dedication text using the appropriate online form (individual or collective tree donation). You will find the two online forms below. We can also send you these by post on request.
  2. We will then make you a proposal with a suitable tree for the respective planting location. With your consent, we will then reserve the tree location for you.
  3. Once a donation agreement has been concluded and payment has been received, the desired tree will be ordered for you and we will have the optional dedication sign made for you and installed after the tree has been planted.
  4. Your donation is charitable and therefore tax-deductible. After the deadline for accepting donations (registration deadlines 2022: 16.09. and 18.11.) by the Wolfsburg City Council, you can receive a donation receipt on request. We will send you the documents by post.

The overview map is currently still under construction. Further potential planting locations will be added successively. For the transitional period, we will be happy to accept your individual requests on request. You will find the contact details at the bottom of this page.

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