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Child protection/notification of risk to child welfare

The Child Protection Coordination Office is the point of contact for technical issues relating to child protection in Wolfsburg and is aimed at all persons who have professional or voluntary contact with families, children and young people. It does not provide individual case assistance, but does provide information on suitable services and facilities.

The child protection coordination has the following tasks:

  • Planning and implementation of further education and training courses

  • Networking the actors in child protection and promoting the exchange of information

  • Further development of quality standards in child protection in the pedagogical facilities

  • Conceptual participation in cross-professional cooperation agreements

  • General information about child protection work as well as about existing help and support offers

Notification of suspected child welfare risks

If you have noticed important indications of a possible risk to the well-being of a child, please make use of the professional advice of an experienced specialist in child protection for the risk assessment and decision on further steps. You will find the contact persons and contact details in this flyer. For a report to the General Social Service / Youth Welfare Office, please use the Child Welfare Risk Report Form. The contact details and further information of the General Social Service can be found on the pages of the Social Service.

  • Framework concepts
  • Advanced training and education

    The Child Protection Coordination Office offers training and continuing education to educational institutions and other interested groups in Wolfsburg on the protection mandate in the event of child welfare risks. Basic knowledge about child protection is imparted:

    • Legal basics
    • Forms and signs of endangerment
    • Procedures
    • Involvement of parents, children and adolescents
    • Cooperation with institutions and counseling centers
    • Overview of the most important assistance for families in Wolfsburg

    The aim of the events is to sensitize participants to child protection and to give them more confidence in taking action to fulfill their duty to protect. There is also an opportunity for participants to present their own case studies. The content and schedule of the training sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual facility.

  • Child Protection Network

    In September 2010, the Youth Business Unit founded the Child Protection Working Group. It is an association of representatives from various fields of work and different professions who are in contact with children and young people and their families in their professional context.

    The goal is a close networking of local actors in child protection with a regular intensive exchange of experiences. Understanding of the other professional role is to be promoted and qualified support given in individual cases. Because only if all relevant agencies know from each other who is responsible for what and where the limits of the other lie, can they cooperate effectively to protect children.

    The members of the Child Protection Working Group meet four times a year to discuss and exchange information about current developments in child protection.

    The institutions and services linked in the child protection network currently include:

  • Expert advice on child protection

    The assessment of a risk to the well-being of a child is a complex process and can be emotionally very stressful. Professionals from educational, social and medical fields who are in professional contact with children, adolescents and their families have a legal right to advice from an "insofar experienced specialist". The legal basis is §§ 8a, b SGB VIII (Child and Youth Welfare Act) and § 4 KKG (Act on Cooperation and Information in Child Protection).

    "Insofar experienced professionals" have specific knowledge, methodological procedures and practical experience in the assessment of risk situations. They provide advice on all issues relating to the best interests of the child:

    • Assessment of the risk of endangerment after perception of (weighty) indications.
    • Exploration of resources and development potentials
    • Preparation and follow-up of meetings with guardians
    • Dealing with the child or adolescent at risk
    • Development of a concept for help and protection, if necessary with the involvement of other institutions
    • Involvement of the youth welfare office
    • Clarification of responsibilities, procedural issues
    • Weighing up the requirements of confidentiality and child protection.

    The case consultation can take place as an individual, team or management consultation. If necessary, a follow-up meeting is also possible. The consultation is free of charge and is conducted anonymously.

    The professionals with in-depth experience have formed a working group for the exchange of information and experience as well as anonymous case discussions. Further interested parties are welcome at any time. The members meet quarterly. Information on the current dates can be obtained from the Child Protection Coordination.

  • Further information
  • Contact

    City of Wolfsburg
    Coordination Child Protection
    Svenja Loock
    Youth Division, Prevention Department
    Seilerstraße 3
    38440 Wolfsburg

    Phone: 05361 28-1480
    E-mail to Svenja Loock

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