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Building in Wolfsburg

Before the dream home is built, there is usually a lot to do - from selecting the plot of land to obtaining the necessary permits and finally the actual construction work.

Development plans

Just as a house is planned down to the last detail, potential building areas must also be selected, evaluated and planned. Several months of urban land use planning pass before a building area is created. Here, the urban planning department not only takes care of the formal specifications and planning, but also ensures that the public's concerns about planned construction projects are taken into account.

Find out more about individual development plans, public participation and the urban land use planning process here.

Building areas

In addition to residential inner-city projects that tend to offer rental and owner-occupied apartments close to the center, urban construction areas tend to be implemented in the local districts and offer opportunities for classic single-family home construction. However, there are also more projects being implemented here that offer townhome, chain or duplex opportunities. You are still undecided which district is the right one for your own home? Find out about the various residential areas and districts in Wolfsburg.

Find out about existing and planned residential construction projects and construction areas in the city area.

Land purchase

For the dream of your own four walls, you first need to find the right piece of land. A wide variety of factors play a role when deciding on a building plot: Where should the plot be located? How far away from the workplace should it be? What kind of landscape character should it have? Do you prefer a quiet location? How important is the accessibility for you? Are you or your family members dependent on public transport? What infrastructure, e.g. kindergarten, school, other educational institutions, stores, doctors should be accessible and at what distance?

As soon as you have reserved your desired property, the next step is the purchase of the property. Here, there is a lot to consider in order to be able to calculate the costs for the building project correctly. Find out about the purchase price and development costs of urban building plots.

All information on the purchase of urban building plots

Housing promotion

The step to owning your own home is not only associated with a lot of emotion, expectations and planning, but also with enormous costs. The city of Wolfsburg promotes the formation of home ownership through special funding programs. You will also find an overview of funding opportunities from external institutions (KfW Bank, Wolfsburg Energy Agency, etc.).

The housing promotion offers of the city of Wolfsburg

Applications and approvals

Building a house also always involves a lot of "paperwork". Applications must be submitted and permits obtained. An overview of all forms and applications related to the topic of "building and living" helps to keep track of everything.

Construction Primer

Too much information at once? With the building guide, the city of Wolfsburg offers a builder's guide that is intended to serve as orientation for builders and builders' wives in Wolfsburg. You will find information on the following topics: Attractive living, land, subsidies, planning law, development and sustainable building.

Building guide

Information for homeowners

Do you already own your own home in Wolfsburg? As a homeowner, you have some obligations that you should know about. How much are the property taxes such as property tax, waste and street cleaning fees, sewage fees and property drainage? What type of waste can be disposed of where and how? Is the drainage of my property in order? A leak test is necessary for this. And where can I get a garden water meter to reduce my wastewater fee?

All information for homeowners

Construction-Citizens Office

You already own a plot of land and now want to build a new house, or you already own a house and want to make a structural change? Inform yourself about the applicable building laws in order to eliminate possible problems in advance. This may save you a lot of time and unnecessary costs.

Contact the staff of the Bau-Bürger office

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