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Housing promotion

Building and living are topics that are associated with high costs. The step towards home ownership, whether in the form of a condominium or a home, is therefore very carefully considered and weighed up by those interested in building or buying. Incentives to become a homeowner are created by the federal and state governments by providing financial support through subsidy programs.

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Wolfsburg is a child and family-oriented city and is characterized by an excellent municipal family policy. In addition to a diverse range of services for families, the city has a special support program for building and housing. This improves the starting conditions for home ownership for young people and families.

Wolfsburg offers even more...

Our municipal subsidy program supports young couples and families with children in the purchase of residential property (new construction, purchase and acquisition of existing properties). The subsidy is granted depending on income.

For young married couples according to NWoFG 20,000.00 euros
Families with 1 child (under 18) 30,000.00 euros
Families with 2 children (under 18 ) 40,000.00 euros
Families with 3 children (under 18 ) 50,000.00 euros
Families with 4 and more children (under 18 ) 60,000.00 euros
For each person with disabilities living in the household 5,000.00 euros

The subsidy amount is increased by 25% for the purchase of existing properties. The maximum subsidy amount is 75,000.00 euros.

For further information on the eligibility requirements of the municipal subsidy program, please refer to the information sheet.

Please note:

All funding must be applied for from the city before binding contracts are entered into.

Overview of the various funding opportunities:

  • Building loan from the state of Lower Saxony

    The state of Lower Saxony grants subsidies for new construction, the purchase of a newly built property for first-time occupancy or the purchase of an existing property. The amount depends on the number of people in the household:

    For natural persons (single or married) 50,000.00 euros
    for each child 5,000.00 euros
    for each person with a disability living in the household 5,000.00 euros

    In addition, a subsidy of 2,000.00 euros is granted for each child and/or person with disabilities living in the household.

    In addition, loans of up to 85% of the total costs, but not more than EUR 50,000.00, can be granted for modernization or energy-related modernization.

    The funding is granted depending on income.

    The state funds are approved by the state's funding agency at the NBank. The housing subsidy office of the city of Wolfsburg is responsible for the application.
    Please note that the state's funding programs are revised from time to time and the criteria may change as a result.
    Please refer to the NBank website for the latest information on the requirements for the state of Lower Saxony's funding program.

  • Promotion of age-appropriate conversion (City of Wolfsburg)

    The city of Wolfsburg supports the age-appropriate conversion of owner-occupied housing (rented or owned) for older citizens aged 60 and over. This includes, for example, barrier-free bathroom conversions or widening doors.

    The funding is granted as a subsidy depending on income.

    The maximum funding amount is a maximum of 30% of the eligible investment costs (maximum EUR 5,000.00).

    Important: The funding must be applied for before binding contracts are entered into.

    For further information on the eligibility requirements, please refer to the information sheet.

  • Subsidies from other providers

    For example, the federal government offers the funding programs listed below. Please note that the federal funding programs are revised from time to time and the criteria may change as a result.
    The latest information can be found on the websites of the respective institutions.

    KfW funding opportunities

    The Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) also offers various subsidy programs for existing properties as well as for new builds. The private generation of solar power is also subsidized. Applications for KfW subsidies are generally submitted via the house bank.

    Promotion for the conversion of heating systems:

    The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) promotes the conversion of your heating system to renewable energies. Funding is available for solar thermal systems, biomass systems, and efficient heat pumps in single-family and two-family homes, in apartment buildings, and in commercial and public buildings.


  • Contact

  • Contact

    City of Wolfsburg
    Property and building management division
    Housing promotion
    Town Hall A, Room 041 - 044
    Porschestrasse 49
    38440 Wolfsburg

    Telephone: 05361 28-2996, 2396, 2460 or 2955
    Fax: 05361 28-1824
    E-mail to the housing support office

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