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Education, culture & Sports


The KulturInfo is a service point of the department of culture and bundles interesting facts and news about the cultural offer of the city of Wolfsburg.
Entrance of the Cultural Info in the Alvar Aalto House of Culture
Photo: Lars Landmann

In the middle of the city, on the first floor of the Alvar Aalto Kulturhaus, the KulturInfo is a central point of contact offering extensive information on the diverse and numerous events on offer, as well as individual advice on site. Free information material and flyers are available to take away.

The KulturTipps give you an overview and a taste of the numerous events and exhibitions in Wolfsburg's cultural scene. The current KulturTipps are available for download in the green service buttonon the right side of this page.

In addition, cultural professionals take turns presenting their work in the KulturInfo's KulturSchaufenster and draw attention to their cultural events as they pass by.

The Kulturinfo remains closed until further notice.

News from the KulturInfo

You want to promote your cultural event?

Then read all about our cultural columns here.

CultureInfo Shop

  • CultureInfo Shop

    Wolfsburg Memo 1968/2018

    Initiated by the Institute for Contemporary History and City Presentation (IZS), photographs by Robert Lebeck and Ali Altschaffel have been published as Wolfsburg Memo.

    Price: 14,00 Euro

    15th ready4work art calendar

    For 15 years, the Wolfsburg artist group 10 KW has designed an art calendar. The proceeds from sales are donated by 10 KW to the ready4work development association, which uses them to support additional apprenticeships. The anniversary calendar 2019 is signed by hand.

    Price: 25,00 Euro

    City | Space | History |Volume 3

    Of mosaic paving and decorative beds.
    Squares and green spaces in Wolfsburg 1950 to 1970
    With photos by Heinrich Heidersberger and Ali Altschaffel
    Published by the Forum Architektur of the City of Wolfsburg

    Price: 24,80 Euro

    Illustrated book "WOLFSBURG ERLEBEN

    Wolfsburg Wirtschaft und Marketing GmbH (WMG) has published a new illustrated book in which Wolfsburg is presented as a lively and modern city with all its facets. Readers meet Wolfsburgers, guests of the city as well as well-known personalities and a variety of leisure activities are presented. In German with English translation.

    Price: 19,90 Euro

    Wolfsburg - the somewhat different coloring book

    The gallery of the artist group Porschehütte in cooperation with the Wolfsburg photo artist R.K. Felix has edited a very high-quality coloring book containing twelve well-known Wolfsburg landmarks for coloring. The motifs can be colored quite individually and creatively. The coloring books are handmade and in limited edition.

    Price: 19,50 Euro

    Wolfsburg Castle

    The book about the history and culture

    Price: 9,90 Euro

    Schimmerie Harztropf and the sea of stars

    A magical fairy tale from the Hasselbach Valley: On Schimmerie's fairy-like walk through the night, one feels transported to another world, which Michaela Frech dresses in a fairy-like robe with her enchanting illustrations. A sensitive story by Nicole Schaa that invites you to dream. For reading aloud and reading on your own. Recommended for ages 5 and up, hardcover, A5, thread-stitched, with ribbon and gold varnish, 116 pages.

    Price: 14,50 Euro

    Also available as audio book (Audio CD) (9,90 Euro).

    Hoffmann von Fallersleben

    A richly illustrated book to accompany the exhibition at the Hoffmann von Fallersleben Museum. Excerpts from original sources, current scholarly essays and texts from the exhibition illuminate the eventful life and success story of the poet Hoffmann von Fallersleben - an exciting and informative reading book!

    Price: 19,80 Euro

    Preserve. Improve. Renew.

    General Renovation Theater Wolfsburg 2014-2015

    Book with contributions by:
    Winfried Breune, Rocco Curti, Heidi Fengel, Nicole Froberg, Franz Jaschke, Peter Pennigsdorf, Vladimir Slapata, Wilfried Wang and others.

    Price: 24,20 Euro

    Hans Scharoun's Theater for Wofsburg 1973-2013

    From the foreword by Monika Thomas (former city planning councillor in Wolfsburg):
    "Beloved and controversial - The youngest architectural monument of our city".

    Price: 16,80 Euro

    Adventure Wolfsburg - Children's city guide by children for children

    "This book is a very special book. It is by children for children and of course adults who want to look at Wolfsburg from a different point of view."
    (Former mayor of the city of Wolfsburg Klaus Mohrs)

    Price: 10,00 Euro

    Further offers

    • Tickets for events of the Cultural Department of the Italian Consular Agency Wolfsburg (Price: on request)
    • Tickets of the Wolfsburger Figuren Compagnie for performances marked with an "i" in the program booklet. (on request)
    • Tickets for all performances at HolzBankTheater Wolfsburg (on request)
    • Publications of the Wolfsburg Town Writer 2014. Patricia Hempel: Nachtteile (Price: 5,50 Euro)
    • Articles from the Wolfsburg Collection (ShopWob) (Price: on request)
    • Wolle Wolfsburg and other Wolle Wolfsburg articles (Price: on request)
    • Vouchers for the Wolfsburg Planetarium (Price: on request)
    • Publications from the cultural institutes (Price: on request)
    • Tickets for events of the KulturKirche St. Marien (Price: on request)

  • Contact

  • Contact

    City of Wolfsburg
    Division Culture
    Alvar Aalto House of Culture
    Porschestrasse 51
    38440 Wolfsburg

    Phone: 05361 28-1575
    E-Mail to the Kulturinfo

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