Experience the winter fun at the EisArena Wolfsburg! Discover our opening times, book tickets for public skating sessions and find out more about skate hire and indoor times for schools. ">Experience the winter fun at the EisArena Wolfsburg! Discover our opening times, book tickets for public skating sessions and find out more about skate hire and indoor times for schools. ">

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  • Contact

    City of Wolfsburg

    Your team on site
    Allerpark 5
    38448 Wolfsburg

    Phone: 05361 8935312
    E-mail to the EisArena

    Monday to Sunday from 08:30-22:00

    Hall management

    Mrs. Janz
    Rothenfelder Straße 14
    38440 Wolfsburg

    Telephone: 05361 28-5065
    E-mail to the hall management

  • The lettering EisArena

    Opening hours

    The public skates and ice disco may be cancelled if there is a Grizzlies game on the same day.

  • Dates for the public runs in the EisArena Wolfsburg, 2023/2024 season


    Ice disco


    Public run


    10.02. 18:00 - 21:00
    14:00 - 17:00
    09.03. 18:00 - 21:00

    Family run

    14:00 - 17:00


    Family run

    14:00 - 17:00


    Family run

    14:00 - 17:00


  • Online tickets are available 14 days before the start of the event.

  • Admission prices

    Admission prices

    One-way ticket adults from 18 years 7,50 Euro
    One-way ticket reduced * 4,50 Euro

    Please note that tickets can only be paid for in cash at the box office. Other payment methods (ec card, credit card, Paypal, etc.) are not accepted at the box office.

    * Children and young people from 4 years up to and including 17 years, schoolchildren from the age of 18, students, trainees, persons with at least 80% disability on presentation of a valid ID, holders of a social ID card and unemployed persons in conjunction with a valid proof of eligibility with photo.

  • Skate rental

    Skate rental and sharpening skates

    The skate rental is open during indoor times for schools and events (public skating and ice disco).

    Skates from size 28 to size 50 are available for a small rental fee. Skates can only be hired against a deposit, for example in the form of a valid photo ID.

    The blades of the rental skates are constantly checked and sharpened if necessary.

    Visitors can also have their own skates sharpened in the hall if they wish.

    Current information:

    Unfortunately, the sharpening of skates is no longer possible during the opening hours of the public skating/ice disco.
    You can return your skates for sharpening as usual. They will then be sharpened for you outside opening hours. Collection is possible from the following weekend.

    Skate hire 5,00 Euro The rental takes place against a deposit
    Skate sharpening 6,00 Euro
    Helmet rental
    1,00 Euro

  • Hall times and entrance fees for schools

    Monday 08:00 - 11:00 a.m.
    Tuesday 12:15 - 13:30
    Wednesday 12:15 - 14:00
    Thursday 12:15 - 14:00

    Or by prior arrangement by telephone.

    Please print out the registration form, complete it and return it by e-mail to eisarena@stadt.wolfsburg.de or fax 05361 28-2123.


    • Wolfsburg schools pay 2.30 euros per participant and per visit (without skates).
    • Non-resident schools pay 3.00 euros per participant and per visit (without skates).
    • Skates can be rented in the hall for 6.00 euros.


    Two supervisors per class are admitted free of charge. The regular admission price of 7.50 euros applies for each additional supervisor. For people who use a wheelchair, an ice glider is available to borrow free of charge.

  • Frequently asked questions and our answers

    When does the ice skating season in the EisArena end?
    • The end of the ice skating season in the EisArena depends on how far the Grizzlies get in the playoffs. It is therefore not possible to give an exact date. The more successful the Grizzlies play, the longer you can enjoy the public skating and the ice disco

    Are there skating lessons?

    • The city of Wolfsburg does not offer ice skating lessons. In this matter, we recommend contacting the clubs (e.g. TV Jahn, Grizzlys Wolfsburg) directly.

    Is there an age limit for the EisDisco?

    • There is no age limit for the EisDisco.

    Can I bring food and drinks to the EisDisco?

    • Unfortunately, you are not allowed to bring your own food and drinks. However, the caterer is open during the EisDisco and is happy to serve visitors.

    Are shoes allowed on the ice?

    • Unfortunately, shoes are not allowed on the ice.

    Can disabled people in wheelchairs come to the Grizzlys' games?

    • The EisArena has an elevator and can also be used with a wheelchair.

    Can wheelchairs be used on the ice?

    • The ice can be used with a wheelchair at your own risk and with an accompanying person. The EisArena has an ice glider for people who use a wheelchair, which can be borrowed free of charge.

  • Your event with catering in the EisArena

    You want to hold a large event, conference, product presentation, Christmas party or celebrate a private occasion?
    The ice rink is designed for up to 4,500 people and can be rented throughout the year.

    For information on the use of the ice rink or parts of it, please contact Ms. Janz (phone: 05361 28-2924, e-mail to Ms. Janz).

  • Grizzlies Wolfsburg

    Fancy the fastest sport in the world? For passionate checks and super fast shots that fly across the ice at up to 170 km/h? Welcome to the Grizzlies! Look forward to an ice hockey club you can touch. And with the DEL, one of the most exciting ice hockey leagues in the world!

    Boredom? Boredom is out of the question! Every game goes back and forth at lightning speed for 60 minutes. No time to breathe - for players and spectators alike.

    You can't get much more action than that. That's a promise!

    The games are played in the EisArena Wolfsburg in the Allerpark, which is also available for school classes, clubs and various events outside of the playing times.

    On the homepage of the Grizzlies Wolfsburg you will find all interesting data about the team and the next games.

  • The EisArena team

    The employees of the EisArena are present at all events in the arena. Whether it's the skating times for school classes, the public skate, the EisDisco or the games of the EHC Wolfsburg - the team always ensures a flawless ice surface. The EisArena team also puts on the music at the EisDisco and is also happy to sharpen the blades of the skates.

    If you have any questions, the staff is always available and can also be reached by phone on 05361 8935312.

  • Data and facts

    As planned, the former ice palace became the new EisArena in September 2006. The investor was Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG, the operator is the city of Wolfsburg.

    The EisArena can accommodate 4,500 visitors. There are about 3,000 seats in the arena, 300 of which are in the VIP area.

    Standing room is available for around 1,500, and there is space for eight wheelchair users behind the family block.

    The VIP area has a size of 300 square meters, the fan meeting place has an area of 80 square meters. Five kiosks and the fan meeting point are open during EHC Wolfsburg games. The ice surface is 30 meters wide and 60 meters long. The EisArena has 9,000 points according to DEL guidelines. During the EisDisco and the running time for all, the Fan-Treff provides for the physical well-being of all skaters*.

    Smoking is absolutely prohibited in the entire EisArena.

  • Hall rules

    § 1 - Scope

    1. the hall rules serve the regulated use and the guarantee of safety, order and cleanliness in the Eis Arena Wolfsburg and the connected outdoor facilities.
    2. visitors to the arena accept the hall rules as binding when purchasing a ticket or other access authorization, but at the latest when entering the Eis Arena.
    In addition to the contractual regulations for visitors to the Eis Arena Wolfsburg, the house rules apply in particular as a formulation of the house rules for all persons who are in the Eis Arena Wolfsburg.
    The use of the arena by clubs, organizations, school classes or groups is regulated separately, irrespective of the validity of these hall rules.

    § 2 - House rules / Violation of the hall rules

    1. the house authority is exercised by the employees of the Eis Arena Wolfsburg during normal hall operation.
    2. at events of the EHC Wolfsburg Grizzly Adams GmbH the domiciliary rights are transferred to the organizer, his security and order service (SOD) and the police. These are entitled to issue instructions to visitors in accordance with these hall regulations.
    The security and order in the arena may not be impaired. Visitors who violate these rules may be expelled from the arena without being entitled to a refund of the admission fee. If, in serious cases, visitors do not comply with the arena regulations, a longer or permanent arena ban may be ordered.

    § 3 - Admission and stay of visitors to events

    1. within the scope of these hall rules, every visitor must behave in such a way that no other person is harmed, endangered or obstructed or inconvenienced more than is avoidable under the circumstances.
    2. only persons who have a valid admission ticket or other authorization card with them or who can prove their right of residence in some other way are allowed to be in the ice arena.
    Admission tickets or other access authorizations must be carried at all times. 3.
    Every visitor is obliged to show his admission ticket or other proof of authorization to the persons listed in § 2 of these hall regulations without being asked when entering the ice arena and during controls in the hall and to hand it over for inspection upon request. Furthermore, this group of persons is entitled to check the identity of visitors within the scope of these hall regulations by inspecting their authority-issued identification documents (federal identity card, passport, etc.). Persons who refuse to consent to a search or identity check may be rejected at the access control or prevented from entering the Volksbank BraWo EisArena.
    4. the SOD is entitled to examine persons including the items they are carrying - also by using technical means - to determine whether they pose a security risk due to alcohol or drug consumption or because they are carrying weapons, pyrotechnic or other dangerous objects.
    5. it is forbidden to enter the ice arena recognizably drunk, under the influence of drugs or in any other condition that significantly impairs the ability to do business, to judge or to react.
    6. access to the ice arena is also prohibited in the event of applicable nationwide or stadium-related entry bans.
    7. visitors who have been refused admission are not entitled to a refund of the admission price.
    8) Upon request, proof of the reason for the reduction (e.g. pension certificate, student ID, etc.) must be presented to the SOD at the admission control for reduced-price tickets (e.g. pensioner, student ID, etc.). If this cannot be presented, the difference between the reduced and the regular admission fee must be paid in arrears. Otherwise, the SOD may deny admission to the ticket holder.
    9. children under the age of seven may visit the arena only if accompanied by an adult supervisor.
    10. in order to ensure supervision during the event and the safety of wheelchair users in case of evacuation, wheelchair users will be admitted to the ice arena only with an accompanying person (at least 16 years old).
    11. each visitor agrees for all media to the free use of his image and voice for photographs, live broadcasts, broadcasts and / or recordings of image and / or sound related to the event.

    § 4 - General prohibitions and rules of conduct

    1. smoking is strictly prohibited in the entire building complex of the Eis Arena, including in the open areas.
    2. the consumption of brought food and beverages is prohibited.
    3. the operation of own music equipment is not allowed.
    4. throwing objects of any kind is prohibited.
    5. emergency exits and escape routes, entrances and exits, corridors and stairways must be kept clear at all times and may not be obstructed under any circumstances.
    6. visitors must follow the instructions of the organizer, the police, the fire department, the rescue service, the security and public order service and the stadium announcer unconditionally and immediately.
    7. for safety reasons and to avert danger, visitors are also obligated to occupy seats other than those indicated on their tickets, including seats in other blocks, if instructed to do so by the police or the security and public order service.
    8. opening or closing individual parts of the facility for operational reasons is the sole responsibility of the operating personnel.
    9. giving lessons against payment requires a special consent of the operator as well as the consent of the sports office.

    § 5 - Additional Regulations and Prohibitions at Games of the Grizzlies Wolfsburg

    a) Visitors to the Ice Arena are prohibited from carrying the following items:
    1. weapons of any kind as well as objects that can be used as weapons or projectiles
    2. gas spray cans, corrosive and coloring substances
    3. bottles, cups, jugs or cans made of fragile, splintering or particularly hard material
    4. bulky objects such as ladders, stools, chairs, boxes, travel suitcases
    5. flares, fireworks, flares and other pyrotechnic products as well as sparklers
    6. basically flagpoles or banners. If such items are to be carried, they must be registered in advance. The security manager will decide on a corresponding permit on a case-by-case basis.
    7. mechanically operated noise instruments, whistles and vuvuzelas.
    8. animals
    9. laser pointers
    10. photo and video cameras or other sound or image recording devices for the purpose of commercial use or distribution via the Internet or other media.
    11. drugs of any kind within the meaning of the Narcotics Act (BtMG).

    b) Visitors are prohibited in particular from:
    1. entering areas that are not open to visitors (e.g. the playing field, the interior, the function rooms)
    2. to drive on the premises of the Eis Arena with vehicles without the permission of EHC Wolfsburg Grizzly Adams GmbH
    3. to throw objects of any kind
    4. to light fires, burn or shoot off fireworks or other pyrotechnic objects, as well as to prepare and carry out the same by providing assistance (e.g. by covering them with one's own body, flags or similar objects, etc.),
    5. the sale of tickets and merchandise, the distribution of printed matter and advertising brochures as well as the carrying out of collections without the permission of EHC Wolfsburg Grizzly Adams GmbH
    6. to inscribe, paint or stick on structural facilities, installations or paths
    7. to defecate outside the restrooms
    8. deliberately littering the ice arena by throwing away objects such as paper, paper scraps, paper rolls, paper cups, paper plates, napkins, etc.
    9. shouting xenophobic, racist or right-wing extremist slogans and displaying such banners and flags as well as indications in the outward appearance that point to such an attitude. Violations will be punished with a stadium ban and, if necessary, prosecuted.
    10. the use of mechanical or compressed-air noise instruments and launchers such as whistles, vuvuzelas, etc.
    11. provoking other spectators to hatred and violence towards the referees, players or other persons.

    § 6- Home and guest fan standing areas in the Eis Arena Wolfsburg

    1. the home fan standing area of the EHC Wolfsburg is located in the entire area of the fan curve as well as in the standing area adjacent to block 14. it is prohibited to stay in this area as a guest fan.
    The group of persons listed in §2.2 of these arena regulations is instructed and authorized to remove spectators from this area who are recognizable as guest fans or are conspicuous as such by their behavior, even if they have a valid ticket for the seats there.
    If the Eis Arena is sold out, the spectator in question will be expelled from the arena or denied access to the arena. The presentation of fan merchandise or paraphernalia of the visiting club is prohibited in the home fan standing area.
    The standing area between the fan curve and Block 12 in the Eis Arena is generally reserved for guest fans. In individual cases, a variable extension of the guest fan area to the entire Block 12 including the standing room areas above it is possible.
    It is forbidden for home fans to be in the guest fan area. The persons listed in §2.2 of these hall regulations are instructed and authorized to remove spectators from this area who are recognizable as home fans or are conspicuous as such by their behavior, even if they have a valid ticket for the seats there.
    If the Eis Arena is sold out, the spectator in question will be expelled from the hall or denied access to the hall. The presentation of fan merchandise or paraphernalia of the home club is prohibited in the guest fan area.

    In the event that violations of the aforementioned guidelines result in restrictions with regard to safety, order and cleanliness that are subject to penalties imposed by the DEL, EHC Wolfsburg Grizzly Adams GmbH reserves the right to take recourse against the party responsible.

    § 7 - Special features in connection with public ice operation

    1. it is not allowed to step on the ice surface during the preparation of the ice.
    2. sitting on the boards and on the ice surface is not allowed.
    3. field hockey shall not be played during public skating hours.
    4. skating against the direction of skating and chain skating is not allowed.
    5. skating is allowed only in the designated areas and spaces.

    § 8 - Liability

    1. entering and using the ice arena is at your own risk.
    Ice sports are dynamic, thrilling, exciting and last but not least fast sports. Notwithstanding all safety precautions, we would like to point out that in normal ice operations, but especially in ice hockey games, there are also specific risks of injury for the audience, for example from breaking sticks or a stray puck. Spectators as well as active athletes must be aware of these risks and are urgently requested to follow the ice operation or the course of the game attentively also for reasons of their own safety!
    2) The City of Wolfsburg and the EHC Wolfsburg Grizzly Adams GmbH are only liable for culpably caused damages to life, body and health within the scope of legal liability.
    3) The City of Wolfsburg and the EHC Wolfsburg Grizzly Adams GmbH expressly assume no liability for damages arising from normal ice operations, in particular from ice hockey games.
    Neither the City of Wolfsburg nor the EHC Wolfsburg Grizzly Adams GmbH shall be liable for any personal injury or property damage caused by third parties.
    5. accidents or damages are to be reported immediately.

    § 9 - Infringements

    1. anyone who acts contrary to the provisions of these hall regulations may be expelled from the Eis Arena without compensation and without reimbursement of the admission fee, without prejudice to the other rights of EHC Wolfsburg Grizzly Adams GmbH.
    The same applies to persons who are under the influence of alcohol or other substances that impair the free determination of will. 2.
    If there is a suspicion that a person has committed a criminal offense or a misdemeanor, a report may be filed.
    3. a ban may be imposed on persons whose behavior inside or outside the Eis Arena in connection with an ice hockey game impairs or endangers the safety and order of the event. This ban imposed on the Eis Arena Wolfsburg may be extended to all ice arenas and stadiums affiliated with the DEL in individual cases, taking into account the guidelines issued by the DEL for this purpose.
    The groups of persons listed in § 2.2 of these Hall Regulations may also issue bans to groups of persons if specific violations cannot be attributed to individual persons but the behavior can be attributed to the group members as a whole. 4.
    4. should the organizer be called upon to pay damages and/or fines by third parties as a result of disorderly conduct, these claims will be asserted against the perpetrator(s) by way of recourse. The same applies to property damage for which the causer is responsible. 5.
    5) Prohibited items will be seized and, if they are not required for a criminal investigation, will be returned upon request after the preconditions for seizure have ceased to exist or will be destroyed at the expense of the visitor after a period of four weeks following the event.
    The City of Wolfsburg as well as the EHC Wolfsburg Grizzly Aams GmbH are not liable for loss or damage of seized items.
    Excluded from the return are secured items according to § 4 and § 5 of these hall regulations.

    Please note:

    • According to the circular of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Education (RdErl. d. MK), helmets and gloves are mandatory for school sports on the ice.
    • Note: The use of skating aids is at your own risk.


    Download the house rules of the Eis Arena Wolfsburg here. You can get the house rules with the corresponding hall plan here.

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