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Economy & Digital

Advertising and design statutes

Wolfsburg's central shopping street is high-quality, harmonious and appealing. This creates identification on the inside and an enhanced image on the outside.

The attractiveness, quality of stay and supra-regional appeal of a city center are significantly influenced by the external presentation of the stores and service providers. Advertising installations and their design are particularly important in shaping the cityscape.

Wolfsburg's advertising and design statutes give its city center its own visible identity, enabling Porschestrasse to present itself as a cohesive neighborhood.

  • Advertising on buildings in terms of size and placement
  • Furniture, merchandise displays, stands, signs
  • Seating in food service establishments in terms of materials used.

The design bylaws take into account both the Wolfsburg style of slightly Mediterranean and the quality of stay for visitors. High-quality materials, discreet advertising and unobstructed strolling paths create an atmosphere of lightness and quality.

The result is a Porschestrasse that, with its uniform and high-quality appearance, has a sympathetic effect and at the same time reflects the high quality of the prospering retail location.


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    Wolfsburg Economy and Marketing GmbH
    Trade & Centers
    Florian Martin
    Porschestrasse 2
    38440 Wolfsburg

    Phone: 05361 89994-64
    Fax: 05361 89994-5564
    E-mail to Florian Martin

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