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Blaue Grafik

Wolfsburg's city center is the center of urban coexistence and a place to live and work for numerous citizens. The central service area is formed by the axis of the 1.3-kilometer-long Porschestrasse, which runs in a north-south direction and whose immediate surroundings form the core of the city center.

Along Porschestrasse there are various retail stores, services and restaurants, and the City-Galerie Wolfsburg and Designer Outlets Wolfsburg are attractive places to shop. In the future, the various development programs will be used to sustainably upgrade the city center and make it more attractive. The medium- to long-term goal is to create a Mediterranean feel-good ambience in the middle of Porschestrasse, reflecting Wolfsburg's international lifestyle, in particular through further gastronomic offerings. The craftsmen's quarter, the nucleus of the inner-city shopping development, is a classic mixed-use inner-city quarter. The development and upgrading of the Nordkopf is also being eagerly pursued. In the next few years, forward-looking urban neighborhoods for living and working will be created here.

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