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Social assistance outside facilities

The task of social assistance outside institutions is to enable those entitled to benefits to live in dignity.
Graphic with the lettering "Social aids

Are you unable to support yourself from your own resources or through the support of relatives due to existential problems such as unemployment, separation, divorce, illness or insufficient income?

Do you not have any claims to assistance from priority social benefit providers such as the employment agency, job center, pension insurance, health insurance?

Then you can apply for benefits to secure your livelihood, which include in particular food, housing, clothing, personal hygiene, household goods, heating and the personal necessities of daily life. In addition, benefits for education and participation for children belonging to the household can also be granted.

Within the framework of social assistance, benefits are also paid to people who are not struggling with existential financial problems, but who need help in a special life situation.

We offer help, information and advice on the following topics:

  • Housing allowance

    Housing allowance is available upon application as a rent subsidy for tenants of an apartment and as an encumbrance subsidy for homeowners.

  • Basic income support in old age and in the event of permanent disability / Assistance with living costs

    With the merger of unemployment and social assistance on 01.01.2005, the basic security benefit for persons in old age and in case of permanent full reduction in earning capacity was included in the Social Code XII (SGB XII).

    Here we inform you about the questions

    • What is basic security?
    • Who can receive benefits under this law?
    • How is the benefit made up?
    • Who is not entitled?

  • Asylum Services

    Asylum seekers in Germany receive benefits in accordance with the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act (AsylbLG) to cover their basic everyday needs.

    The Asylum Seekers Benefits Act applies not only to asylum seekers, but also to tolerated persons, persons obliged to leave the country and people with a residence permit for humanitarian reasons whose stay is initially only temporary.

    The following benefits are provided for recipients of basic benefits in the first 15 months of their stay in Germany.

    - Basic benefits for food, accommodation, heating, clothing, healthcare, household consumer goods (essential needs)

    - Benefits to cover personal needs in daily life (necessary personal needs, so-called pocket money)

    - Benefits in the event of illness, pregnancy and childbirth - in special circumstances, other benefits depending on the individual case.

    E-mail: team.asyl@stadt.wolfsburg.de

    City of Wolfsburg
    Town Hall B Room 104
    Porschestraße 49
    38440 Wolfsburg

  • Pupil BAföG

    Pupils of certain types of schools and students have a legal entitlement to benefits under the BAföG if they do not otherwise have the means necessary for their subsistence and education.

  • Education and participation package

    The education and participation package for children, adolescents and young adults was introduced in 2011. It is intended to enable children and young people from low-income families to participate in social activities.

  • Funeral expenses

    If the person responsible for the funeral cannot reasonably be expected to bear the costs, the necessary costs of a funeral will be borne by the responsible social welfare agency in accordance with Section 74 of the German Social Code (SGB) XII.

    Required are the costs for a local funeral of a simple but dignified kind.

    It is important to inform a commissioned funeral home immediately of the planned application to the Social Welfare Division so that no unreasonable costs are incurred, as only the funeral costs required by social welfare law are taken into account.

    Obligees in the sense of the law are primarily the heirs. The inheritance is taken into account in full for the calculation of the reimbursement of costs.

    Other obligated persons may be dependants or contractually obligated persons.

    For applications and further information:

    City of Wolfsburg
    Department of Social Affairs
    City Hall B, Room B 104

  • Insurance Office

    Pension applications, account clarification and information.

    You can obtain information and answers to your questions about statutory pension insurance here at the Insurance Office.

  • Voluntary services

    In addition to the benefits provided for by law, the City of Wolfsburg grants the following voluntary benefits:

    • Benefits for large families
    • WolfsburgCard
    • Mobility ticket

  • Displaced persons and Aussiedler affairs

    • A late repatriate certificateCounseling for late repatriates and expellees
    • Payment of compensation under the Criminal and Vocational Rehabilitation Act

    Please note that professional counseling can only be guaranteed by prior appointment.


    Ms. Klein
    Telephone: 05361 28-2527
    Fax: 05361 28-2888
    E-mail: simone.klein@stadt.wolfsburg.de

    Network for Aussiedler*innenintegration in Wolfsburg

    Information about the Wolfsburg network for Aussiedler*innenintegration can be found at Netzwerk Spätaussiedler*innenintegration.

  • Rehabilitation Act

    Payment of compensation under the Criminal and Professional Rehabilitation Act.

    Ms. van der Velten
    Phone: 05361 28-2365

  • Contact

    City of Wolfsburg
    Department of Social Affairs

    Head of department Mr. Jan Richter
    City Hall B, Room 122
    Porschestrasse 49
    38440 Wolfsburg
    Phone: 05361 28-2135
    Fax: 05361 28-2888

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