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Education, culture & Sports

Creative workshops at M2K

Das Logo von M2K

Information about Papp-Up! - the summer holiday workshop of the creative workshops
  • The creative workshops

    Space for projects and room for ideas

    The creative workshops at Wolfsburg's M2K are located in the Alvar Aalto Kulturhaus, right next to the fireplace. Here we offer space for curiosity and self-efficacy and a lot of ideas that we are happy to share with many children and young people!

    In our projects, meaningful work in artistic processes is our top priority. All those addressed - usually children and young people from daycare centers and schools - experience fundamental cultural values. In short-term projects and long-term collaborations, the participants immerse themselves in artistic idea-finding and production processes with enthusiasm, concentration and seriousness.

    This also includes the well-known art education project WERK-STADT-SCHLOSS, which began in 1989 as a sculpture project and has become a cultural perennial favorite in over 30 years.

    When it comes to art, we don't want to limit ourselves to the classic disciplines. We like to combine proven, analog methods with modern, digital techniques. We are happy to work in cooperation with educational institutions.

    Just get in touch with us and bring your group to the Alvar-Aalto Kulturhaus!

    Photo: JuPassos
  • Offers for kindergartens and school classes

    What can groups experience with us?

    In the creative workshops, you find solutions through action. You experience that there is no "right" or "wrong" per se. An experience that teaches you to give space to every idea, every thought and to classify and evaluate it objectively with flexibility in the given context.
    You can find out how this can happen in the program. Don't be afraid to express your wishes! We love challenges, enjoy developing ideas and regard the proposed offers as a work in progress!

    Graphic with the inscription Click here for the program
    Offer 1: The view from the window - weather painting
  • Description of offer 1: The view from the window - weather painting

    Creative workshops at M2K for children in kindergartens and elementary school

    The view from the window - weather painting

    The weather is our daily companion. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes we don't like it. But we can't change it. So we make friends with it and look out of the window. We discover the diversity of the weather and realize: weather is colourful!

    Duration: Two hours

  • Offer 2: The color bird - print experiments
    Offer 2: The color bird - print experiments
    Offer 3: Cave painting - let's scratch pictures
    Offer 3: Cave painting - let's scratch pictures
    Offer 4: Creating animals - through color experiments
    Offer 4: Creating animals - through color experiments
    Offer 5: The leftover eaters - bring them to life
    Offer 5: The leftover eaters - bring them to life
    Offer 6 : Curtain up - Set pictures in motion
    Offer 6 : Curtain up - Set pictures in motion

    Appointments for all offers can be arranged by e-mail: kreativwerkstaetten@stadt.wolfsburg.de

  • Cooperations

    Friedrich-von-Schiller Elementary School and Special School

    Friedrich-von-Schiller Elementary School and Special School

    The school's 2nd to 4th grades work on major artistic tasks in coordinated annual themes. From the fall until the end of the school year
    a large final exhibition grows out of this. You can find out what has happened in recent years here.

    Eichendorffschule Wolfsburg Grammar School/High School

    Eichendorff School

    The art lessons in the elective compulsory art course of the 7th grades of the Eichendorff School take place in the creative workshops. Every second Tuesday, the participants work on their ideas and topics for 3 hours. These are developed together with the teachers. The students become artistically active. The time frame allows for in-depth work. The premises offer space for projects that would be difficult to implement in school.


    WERK-STADT-SCHLOSS 2024 - 04.03. to 15.03.2024

    A man has one foot on a red rolling board

    Dare to do something

    In a time of strong and increasing upheaval, it has become questionable for many people whether contributing to society has any effect. That is why we are forming the action group "Etwas wa-gen" with WERK-STADT-SCHLOSS 2024. Here, participants are challenged to think about the current problems of our time and how to deal with them. In the project, we insist that people can always do something. Everyone can contribute their ideas and wishes and fantasize about solutions, no matter how absurd.

    Our potential is the community

    Today, many have mastered a variety of practices to send their message out into the world. Cooperative practices characterize not only many artistic movements of our time. They are all used in social networking, digital media culture, crowdfunding and internet phenomena such as memes and gifs. They enable people to develop everyday creativity. This happens a lot in the digital space. It happens quickly, easily and without much resistance. We want to bring these messages to the analog world with the same ease and engage in direct encounters and discussions with the people of Wolfsburg.

    As an action group, we ask ourselves: How do you raise a personal concern? What are the consequences? Does it achieve anything? How can I make my voice heard and enter into a constructive exchange? Are there others with whom I can do this together?

    In the course of the work process, it will become clear what is needed to give the concerns of the action group an effective face. The result will be mobile objects that we will drive directly to the Wolfsburg headquarters for social development and democracy in a final happening: to the exhibition in Wolfsburg town hall.

    WERK-STADT-SCHLOSS is supported by:

    Die Logos Neuland, Schnellecke und IGM

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