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Housing, environment & Transport

Alliance for Family

Forum for new initiatives and ideas

In Wolfsburg, representatives from politics, business, administration, the church, welfare organizations, associations and committed citizens work together on current family issues in our city.

The family alliance is aimed at all Wolfsburgers who take on local responsibility and are committed to a family-friendly environment.

The actors have set themselves the goal of making the situation of families - from childhood to old age - the focus of political and social perception and thus further improving the family-friendly climate in the city. In concrete terms, existing services and activities are to be bundled and networked with the help of numerous partners. Offers for families are to be made more transparent and accessible to everyone.

The alliance has created a forum for new initiatives and ideas on the topic of "Family-friendly Wolfsburg" in which everyone can participate: Parents, employers, authorities, associations and providers of family support services.

Activities of the Alliance for the Family

  • Wolfsburg Family Alliance Wins Nationwide Ideas Competition "Shaping Compatibility for Parents in a Spirit of Partnership

    The Wolfsburg Alliance for the Family is one of twelve winners nationwide in the "Local Alliances for the Family" initiative's ideas competition. Local alliances for the family from all over Germany applied with their project ideas on how they want to support local families in reconciling family and working life as partners. Winning the ideas competition now marks the start of a development partnership for the Wolfsburg Alliance for the Family, in which a project idea will be put into practice and an existing project will be further developed.

    The concepts "Consulting Service for Companies" and "Intercultural Fathers' Office" convinced the jury of the ideas competition "Shaping Compatibility for Parents in Partnership," which was called for by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs.

  • Members

  • Members

    The patron

    "As patron of the alliance, I am committed to ensuring that families and their needs are always in the sights of politics, business, administration and society. If we work together in the alliance to ensure that family and career can be easily combined here and families feel comfortable, then our city will also have a positive future."

    Irina Helm
    Authorized signatory, Neuland Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH

    "Family-friendliness plays a very special role, especially when it comes to housing. I am the division manager of real estate management at Neuland and a mother of a four-year-old daughter myself. Therefore, I know firsthand what needs we as landlords have to consider for families.

    The Alliance for the Family is an excellent forum for me to jointly develop new ideas for "the family-friendly home in NEULAND's portfolio" and to implement innovations."

    Saskia Hoog
    Dipl.-Ing., Freelance Trainer and Management Consultant Owner of Hoog und Partner - Management Consulting

    "I am involved in the Wolfsburg Family Alliance because I want to help shape family-friendliness in the region in the interests of both families and companies. In doing so, the child is at the center of my thoughts and actions."

    Claudia Kayser
    Head of Management Wolfsburg, Volksbank BraWo

    "The family fulfills important functions in our society. Especially for adolescents, it forms a first dense social network, offers support, protection and care for family members. We are committed to the Alliance for the Family because the Alliance strengthens families and helps ensure that they can continue to fulfill their function and thus keep our society fit for the future."

    Gudrun Kneiske-Spitzer

    "The Wolfsburg Alliance for the Family was founded in 2009. My motivation to advance this central topic and to participate with joy is: "Not to lose anyone!" The common path is strong and that characterizes the mindful cooperation in the Wolfsburg Alliance for Family. Here, cooperation for a livable Wolfsburg is written BIG and tackled courageously."

    Karsten Piehl
    Managing Director, Protestant Family Education Center

    "I am involved in the local Alliance for the Family because it is important to work together in networks and close cooperation with different partners in order to improve the living situations of families in Wolfsburg on different levels!"

    Roland Stöckigt
    Managing Director Volkswagen Real Estate

    "I am involved in the Alliance for Families because I consider intact families to be indispensable as the stable foundation of our society. As a father of two children, I believe that families should provide a safe and conducive development environment, especially for children.

    Family friendliness has two dimensions for Volkswagen Real Estate: A family-friendly working environment for our employees is just as important to us as apartments and a residential environment that are geared to the needs of Wolfsburg families."

  • Contact

  • Contact

    City of Wolfsburg
    Alliance for Family Wolfsburg
    Schiller Street 6
    38440 Wolfsburg

    Phone: 05361 28-2266
    E-mail to the Alliance for the Family

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