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Fallersleben and Vorsfelde

The neighboring towns of Fallersleben and Vorsfelde, which were independent at the time of the founding of the city of Wolfsburg, have a centuries-old history. In 1972 they were incorporated into the city of Wolfsburg and today they are the two largest district centers next to the main center and enrich the modern city of Wolfsburg with historic old town centers. Both centers are still very much linked to tradition today. Characteristic of both centers is the high proportion of owner-operated stores and a high level of service and advice.


Fassade HoffmannhausIn the heart of Fallersleben's old town lies a park with the romantic 16th century castle of Duchess Clara. It also houses the Hoffmann von Fallersleben Museum, dedicated to the work of the famous scholar and poet of the German national anthem. Beer is still brewed today in the traditional Old Brewery House. In a historic setting, a wide variety of stores invite visitors to stroll and browse. Potato Sunday, Art & Light or the Old Town Festival are fixed components of Fallersleben's event program. With several modern office complexes, Fallersleben is a location for companies in the supply industry. The Volkswagen Group also has offices in the Hoffmannstadt. Fallersleben is also well connected in terms of transportation with a highway connection, an RB train station and its own freight port on the Mittelland Canal.


VorsfeldeThe historic center of Vorsfelde is characterized by a closed ensemble of restored half-timbered houses. Worth seeing are the St. Petrus church, the beekeeper's house and the Carl Grete house. In the historic ambience with charming half-timbered houses, long-established, family-run specialty stores with their service competence as well as cozy restaurants invite you to stroll and enjoy. The traditional Eberfest, which derives its name from Vorsfelde's heraldic animal, also has cult status far beyond the town. In addition, Vorsfelde has a varied range of food retailers to offer. Handicraft businesses and large industrial companies are also at home in this district. The attractive location with immediate proximity to the local recreation areas Drömling and Allerpark also characterizes the location.

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