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Politics & Administration

Council of the City of Wolfsburg

The members of the Council of the City of Wolfsburg

On November 3, 2021, the Council of the City of Wolfsburg convened for its constituent meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, all members of the council were duly instructed and committed by the Lord Mayor. Immediately afterwards, the election of the council chairman and his deputies took place. The mayors, who are also elected by the council, are the honorary representatives of the Lord Mayor.

Currently, 47 men and women make up the council of the city of Wolfsburg. Six parliamentary groups (SPD, CDU, PUG, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, AfD and FDP/VOLT) and one group (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen/FDP/VOLT) have formed.

The council was elected by the citizens of Wolfsburg for a five-year term and decides on all important issues of local self-government.

Note: In the following overview of the parliamentary groups, the members are arranged in alphabetical order.


Vanessa Arendt
Hans-Georg Bachmann
Sabah Enversen
Francescantonio Garippo
Immacolata Glosemeyer (Mayor)
Thomas Heyn
Ralf Krüger (Chairman of the Council)
Falko Mohrs
Marcus Musiol
Dr. Ursula Partzsch-Asamoah
Iris Schubert
Kerstin Struth
Ralf Mühlisch
Dr. Christa Westphal-Schmidt
Bastian Zimmermann


Angelika Jahns (Mayor)
Peter Kassel
Kai Kronschnabel
Siegfrid Leu
Cindy Lutz
Christoph-Michael Molnar
Ludmilla Neuwirth (Deputy Chairwoman of the Council)
Werner Reimer
Constanze Rößler
Sven Scharenberg
Robin Scheil
André-Georg Schlichting
Ira von Steimker


Detlef Barth (Deputy Chairman of the Council)
Roman Dettmann
Velten Huhnholz
Andreas Klaffehn (Mayor)
Jan Schroeder
Sandra Straube
Jens Tönskötter

Alliance 90/The Greens

Andreas Geiger
Jens Hortmeyer
Sandra Jördens
Frank Richter
Irene Siemann


Egbert Diekmann
Krystyna Göpfert
Thomas Schlick


Stefan Kanitzky (Vice Chairman of the Council)
Marco Meiners
Maike Woelk


  • Contact

    City of Wolfsburg
    Council and legal affairs
    Dr. Baedermann
    Porschestrasse 49
    38440 Wolfsburg

    Phone: 05361 28-2194
    Fax: 05361 28-1880
    E-mail to Council and Legal Affairs

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