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Housing, environment & Transport

Project bridge



In Wolfsburg, refugee families have the opportunity to visit children's and family rooms in their accommodations. Pedagogical staff in the rooms welcome the families and accompany them during their arrival and orientation in Wolfsburg.

Relationships are formed through contact with the pedagogical staff. These relationships form a good basis for all further integration steps of children and parents.

Together with the pedagogical staff, the families take advantage of local offers and thus first get to know their district. Step by step, they open up their new living environment. This opens up perspectives that help them to integrate.

Subproject Description:

  • Children and family rooms:

    Open children's and family rooms are ENJOYMENT ROOMS


    ... where ALL children and parents are equally welcome.

    A gentle arrival, orientation and a first establishing of contacts shall support families in feeling gradually not so foreign anymore.

    1. The work in the children's and family rooms is intended to help families to arrive in Germany, to meet each other and to orient themselves. Here they find a welcoming atmosphere in which it should be possible to build relationships through respectful encounters.
    2. The work in the children's and family rooms should offer suitable support opportunities for each child according to his or her age.

    The work in the children's and family rooms contributes to the children arriving as well as possible at the next institution they visit (daycare or school).

    Target groups / participants

    • Children from 0-6 years
    • School children, if capacities are available in the afternoon
    • Parents
    • Home directors
    • Pedagogical staff
    • Cooperation partners

    Actions in the children and family rooms

    • Regular family breakfasts
    • Excursions to offers of the city of Wolfsburg
    • Celebration of festivals such as Eid and Christmas
    • Educational and developmental activities
    • Design of transitions

  • Project Bridge: Daycare and family centers open up to refugee families


    The Brücke project is to be seen as a further development of the children's and family rooms. Here, refugee families should be given the opportunity to orient themselves in their district and to arrive, beyond their stay in the children's and family rooms. The educators have begun to network with local daycare centers and family centers. They accompany the families to different offers.

    • Families get their bearings in the district
    • Families find reliable contact persons and reference persons for their questions and issues.
    • Women as important multipliers in their families experience encouragement and are strengthened.
    • Families with children from 0-6 years of age experience integration opportunities through early childhood education programs.
    • Children get to know their possible future daycare center / FC / school, thus facilitating transitions.
    • Forming district and cross-district networks
    • Open up opportunities for integration

    Target groups/participants:

    • Children
    • Parents
    • Pedagogical staff
    • Overall project coordination
    • Network coordinators in the urban areas
    • Project responsibility Refugee Families
    • Daycare centers and family centers
    • Other cooperation and network partners
    • Home managers
    • Volunteers


    • Mutual visits of families from children's room and daycare centers/ FCs
    • Joint excursions
    • Regular offers in Kitas/ KiFaZ for families
    • Use of offers in the entire city of Wolfsburg (e.g. city library, theater, active playground)

  • Contact

    Contact persons for the project:

    Marion Löbermann

    Phone: 05361 28 - 2863
    E-mail: marion.loebermann@stadt.wolfsburg.de

    Sandra Gottwald

    Phone: 0151 - 100 30 757
    E-mail: sandra.gottwald@stadt.wolfsburg.de

    City of Wolfsburg

    Youth Division
    Child Day Care Department
    Pestalozziallee 1A
    38440 Wolfsburg

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