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Politics & Administration

Health and infection protection

The division is a department of the Health Division.

Health and Infection Protection has the following areas of responsibility:

  • Prevention and control of communicable diseases in humans

    • Determination about type, cause, source of infection, extent of infectious disease.
    • Permission for activities with pathogens
    • Health reporting
    • Control of the group of persons who have to have health and employer's instructions

  • Hygiene monitoring

    • Hygiene monitoring
      1. Clinical center
      2. Public facilities, such as kindergartens, children's homes, homes for the elderly and nursing homes, asylum shelters
      3. Facilities and trades where blood-borne pathogens can be transmitted through activities on humans, e.g. piercers and tattoo artists, chiropodists, blood donor services, emergency medical services.
    • Preparation of statements for construction projects according to infection hygiene aspects
    • Monitoring of the trade in over-the-counter medicines

  • Environmental health - "Water" sector

    • Drinking water plants
      • Survey and assessment
      • Determination of sampling points and scope of investigation
    • EU bathing water "Allersee
      • Site visit
      • On-site measurements, sightings and assessments
      • Pollution assessment with risk analysis
      • Preparation of bathing water profiles and bathing water information sheets
    • Bathing facilities
      • inspection, also of the treatment plants
      • on-site measurements and assessments
      • Assessment of laboratory analysis results

  • Environmental health "Miscellaneous

    • Participation in various planning procedures
    • Approvals according to the Lower Saxony Burial Act of:

    1. reburials

    2. coffinless burials

    3. change of the time of burial

    4. exceptions to the storage of corpses

    5. change of the minimum resting times

  • Tasks according to the Radiation Protection Ordinance

    • Monitoring of solariums
    • Surveillance of trades using devices with non-ionizing radiation in human application

  • Measles protection

    Measles Protection Act in accordance with Section 20 Infection Protection Act -IfSG- (reporting forms).

    Facilities/companies must report persons with missing proof of immunity to the Health Division via the Lower Saxony portal on a mandatory basis by means of the general decree.

  • Contact

    City of Wolfsburg
    Health Division
    Health and Infection Protection
    Dr. Regine Gattwinkel
    Rosenweg 1a
    38446 Wolfsburg

    Phone: 05361 28-2020
    E-mail to Infection Protection

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