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Cycling in Wolfsburg

New cycling coordinator

Further improving the city's bicycle-friendliness

As the new cycling coordinator, Pascal Rose has recently been taking care of all cycling issues centrally at the City of Wolfsburg. "After more than a year of vacancy, we have finally managed to fill this position again. We are very pleased about this, because the topic of cycling in particular should continue to play a central role in Wolfsburg in the future when it comes to transport infrastructure," affirmed city planning officer Kai-Uwe Hirschheide.

During his studies at the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Pascal Rose dealt intensively with the topic of bicycle traffic. Both the practical semester and the final thesis took place in cooperation with the city of Salzgitter and included various cycling topics.

"By participating in the traffic workshops of the city administration, I have already gained insights into what cyclists in Wolfsburg want. Examining and implementing the ideas highlighted in these events will be an initial focus of work," Pascal Rose gave an outlook. Initial contacts have already been made with members of the German Bicycle Club (ADFC) and the German Transport Club (VCD). The goal is to further improve the city's bicycle-friendliness.

Take the bike! All sights are easily accessible by two-wheeler. No parking fees, no search for a parking space, no detours. Shopping? Leave your bike at the parking facility at the City Galerie, for example: it couldn't be more central! There are also numerous bicycle racks in the northern Porschestraße.

The new digital bicycle city map shows you all bicycle traffic facilities in the entire city of Wolfsburg as well as bicycle dealers, parking facilities and more. How you as a cyclist can avoid the main traffic routes? Which routes are suitable for a tour into the countryside? The bicycle city map provides answers.

Cycling in Wolfsburg:

  • Bike and Ride facility Fallersleben station
    Drawing bicycle parking spaces at the main station
    Bike and Ride facility
    © DB Station&Service AG

    Bicycle parking at Fallersleben station to be expanded

    Bicycle parking facilities on the north and south sides of Fallersleben station will be enlarged. This will include canopies and another bicycle cage. With the help of the "Bike & Ride Offensive" funding program of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment and Deutsche Bahn, mainly double-deck parkers will be installed. These will enable a space-efficient expansion of the existing facilities. According to the submitted funding application, a total of 34 parking spaces are to be added on the north side and 106 parking spaces on the south side. All bicycle parking will be positioned immediately around the stairways to combine the convenience of secure parking with the shortest route to the platform.

    On the north side, open-access but covered double-deck parking will be provided. On the south side, in addition to the open-access facilities, there will also be a 24-space bicycle garage. It will provide secure bicycle parking on this side of the rail facility as well. Until now, such a bicycle cage has only existed on the north side.

    The total cost is just under 100,000 euros. Within the framework of the funding program and the possibility of proportional co-financing by the regional association, the city of Wolfsburg's own contribution is around 7,000 euros. This measure is intended to make bicycle parking at Fallersleben station attractive and expand it to a sufficient extent in the medium to long term. Pending a grant decision, the measure is to be implemented in the second half of 2022.

    National Climate Protection Initiative

    "With the National Climate Initiative, the German Federal Ministry for the Environment has been initiating and funding numerous projects that contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions since 2008. Its programs and projects cover a broad spectrum of climate protection activities: From the development of long-term strategies to concrete assistance and investment support measures. This diversity is a guarantee for good ideas. The National Climate Initiative helps to anchor climate protection at local level. It benefits consumers as well as companies, municipalities and educational institutions."

    Logos of Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection and National Climate Protection Initiative
  • Cycling mission statement

    In its meeting on 04.05.2016, the Wolfsburg City Council adopted the Cycling Mission Statement, thus setting the objectives for the future of cycling in Wolfsburg.

  • Main route network

    In October 2019, the Wolfsburg City Council adopted a main route network for cycling for the first time. The cycling working group had developed this together with a commissioned planning office. Quality criteria were defined that should apply to the main routes (width, traffic routing, surfaces, etcetera).

    Currently, the bicycle traffic working group is developing a supplementary secondary route network. While the main route network is important for everyday and commuter bicycle traffic, the secondary route network is aimed at recreational bicycle traffic and provides alternative routes to the main routes.

    Based on the main and secondary cycle route network, a city-wide cycle traffic concept is to be developed that derives individual action measures for improving the infrastructure from the quality standards for the routes.

  • Bicycle city map and recreational routes

    The online bicycle city map

    The online bike city map shows you all bike lanes as well as all crossing aids, i.e. traffic lights, crosswalks and center islands. Furthermore, you can view bike and ride facilities, bicycle parking facilities as well as bicycle dealers and workshops and, of course, the courses of the various recreational routes.

    Click here for the online bicycle city map

    Leisure routes

    Need inspiration for bike trips? In and around Wolfsburg you will find a number of leisure routes with different focuses and lengths: from a small circular route to a full-day tour. For most routes there is also a flyer with tour description, route and sights:


    Developed by the environmental office of the city of Wolfsburg, this circular tour specializes in animal observations in the nature reserve. With a maximum length of 6.3 kilometers, it is also particularly interesting for children.

    View the route in the city map

    Fountain and spring hike

    The hiking route through the Wolfsburg urban forest, marked with the dragonfly symbol, was developed by the energy and water supplier LSW and is also suitable for cyclists. Over a maximum length of 14 kilometers, it focuses on the theme of water.

    View the route on the city map


    This circular tour northeast of Wolfsburg has a length of up to 48 kilometers. Published by the Zweckverband Großraum Braunschweig (ZGB), the idea and editing came from the Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club (ADFC).

    View the route in the city map

    Stork route

    The Wolfsburg stork route is one of three routes that NABU Kreisverband Gifhorn has created on this topic in the region. While the main route is about 50 kilometers long, the extension round to Parsau offers an additional 25 kilometers.

    View the route on the map

    Aller cycle path

    The Aller Cycle Route stretches from Verden to the source of the Aller River and covers approximately 250 kilometers. Through Wolfsburg, the route runs for about 27 kilometers along the sights of Ilkerbruch, Fallersleben Castle, the lookout point at Klieversberg, Phaeno, Wolfsburg Castle and into the Drömling. On the way, located in the main station, the tourist information provides information and information material.

    View the route on the city map


    Opened in 2016, the 62-kilometer circular bike trail leads along important stations in the life of Duchess Clara of Brunswick-Lüneburg (1521 - 1576). Between Fallersleben and Gifhorn, 16 information panels tell of feuds, destructions and castle building, of seizures, fashion and beer brewing. You can find much more information on: www.allerhoheit.de.

    View the route in the city map

    Velpker Switzerland

    The "Velpker Schweiz" cycle route connects the towns of Wolfsburg, Velpke and Oebisfelde on a 35-kilometer long, scenically challenging circular route. The former quarry area that gives the route its name, with geologically significant rock formations and an idyllic water landscape, is now a popular destination for excursions.

    View the route on the city map

  • Cycle paths and signposts

    Did you know that cyclists don't have to use all bike lanes? Cyclists are increasingly welcome on the roads as well. For everyone involved, this is certainly a matter of getting used to, but a sensible one. Nevertheless, there are bike lanes that must be used. This also makes sense, because sometimes cycling on the street is too dangerous.

    Cyclists are always able to take different paths than motor vehicle traffic. Therefore, special signposts for cyclists that lead along bike paths, field paths or forest paths are helpful.

    Traffic signs and regulations for cyclists

    Actually, it's quite simple: cyclists only have to use the bike lane where there are certain signs.

    Bike lane

    The bicycle lane must also be used. You can recognize it primarily by the wide, solid marking that clearly separates it from the rest of the roadway and thus from all other road users. Bicycle pictograms make this clear. Motor vehicles are not allowed to use this bicycle lane, except to access parking spaces behind it. Parking in the bike lane itself is also prohibited.

    Protective strip

    The protective strip is also becoming increasingly widespread in Wolfsburg. Along Pestalozziallee and Goethestraße, for example, the new service has been marked almost continuously on both sides over a length of one kilometer. Similar at first glance, but there are significant differences to the bike lane! The protective lane on the roadway is marked by a narrow and interrupted line. The bicycle pictogram also indicates that the lane is intended for cyclists, but it does not have to be used. This means that cyclists are allowed to use it, but can also use the alternative in the side space (if available). Motor vehicles are allowed to drive over the protective lane for a short time if necessary (e.g. to swerve). Of course, only if no cyclist is endangered.

    Sidewalk with additional sign "Bicycle free

    The use of the sidewalk is also permitted, but not obligatory, if you find the corresponding additional sign: Here it is important to note: in contrast to the joint sidewalk and bike lane, the cyclist is subordinate, i.e. not on an equal footing with pedestrians. As tolerated road users, cyclists must travel at walking speed. The "ringing away" of pedestrians is not permitted here.

    Bike lanes

    Wolfsburg now also has its first bicycle lanes: in Stresemannstraße and at the VW West parking lot. They are marked with a sign. Unless there is an additional sign (for example, "motor vehicle traffic free"), this road is intended for bicycle traffic. Bicycles are even allowed to ride side by side here. The maximum speed is 30 kilometers/hour.

    What about children?

    Children up to the age of 8 must use the sidewalk; between the ages of 8 and 10 they may choose between the sidewalk and the bike path. If an existing bike lane is not required to be used, they may also ride on the roadway.


    Electric bicycles must be viewed in a differentiated manner. Most of them are pedelecs. They have electronic pedal assistance up to 25 kilometers per hour. This means that pedelecs are legally considered bicycles and are permitted on bike paths. E-bikes that reach up to 25 kilometers/hour without pedaling are only allowed to use bike paths if they are cleared for mopeds. So-called S-pedelecs (speed pedelecs) reach a maximum speed of 45 kilometers/hour with pedaling. Thus, they are considered mopeds and are not allowed to ride on bike paths. This also applies to other e-bikes that can reach 45 kilometers per hour without pedaling.

    Arrow Guide

    The arrow signpost is usually located at major intersections or forks in the road. It contains a maximum of two destinations (usually locations) and kilometer information.

    Arrow as well as intermediate signposts

    Intermediate signposts are usually found at smaller junctions or forks in the road. They are square and indicate the route with an arrow.

    Both arrow and intermediate signposts can be either mounted on their own poles or attached to others, for example light poles, traffic signs, street names, etcetera.


    Along certain routes (for example, Allerradweg), small square logos are inserted below the arrow signs. They help with quick orientation.

  • Service for cyclists

    Switching from bike to bus and train? Does your bike need repair or are you looking for a new bike? You can find all the info you need here.

    Bike and Ride facilities

    You can park your bike at the two train stations as well as at some bus stops, so you can easily transfer to other means of transport.

    Bicycle transport

    You also have the option of taking your bike on the buses and regional trains within the Braunschweig Region (VRB) federation tariff. For this purpose, a bicycle ticket must be purchased. Please refer to the VRB tariff regulations for the individual conditions.

    Bicycle workshops and dealers

    In the Wolfsburg city area you will find the following bicycle dealers or workshops (sorted alphabetically):

  • Bike and Nieß

    Amtsstraße 2
    38448 Wolfsburg
    Phone: 05363 74447
    E-mail to Bike Niess

  • E-bike box

    Rothenfelder Street 21/21a
    38440 Wolfsburg
    Phone: 05361 376837-0
    E-Mail E-Bike Box

  • e-Bike Store

    Heinrich-Nordhoff-Strasse 119
    38440 Wolfsburg
    Phone: 05361 2041476
    E-mail to e-Bike Store

  • Bike market Hahne

    Wolfsburg country road 4
    38442 Wolfsburg
    Phone: 05362 501971

  • velopoint fahrrad GmbH, branch Bonkowski Bicycles

    Breslauer street 35
    38440 Wolfsburg
    Phone: 05361 31023
    E-mail to velopoint bicycle

  • Two-wheeler Schael

    Kleiststrasse 5
    38440 Wolfsburg
    Phone: 05361 14064
    E-mail to Zweirad Schael

  • Two-wheeler Wichmann

    Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 29
    38440 Wolfsburg
    Phone: 05361 16399
    E-mail to Zweirad Wichmann

  • Contact

  • Contact

    City of Wolfsburg
    Road construction and project coordination
    Cycling Coordination
    Porschestrasse 49
    38440 Wolfsburg

    Phone: 05361 28-1957
    E-Mail to Road Construction and Project Coordination

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