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Sports development planning

Wolfsburg is a sports city

Wolfsburg earns this distinction not only through high-quality competitive and elite sports, but also through a wide range of offers in mass and health sports. Over 100 sports clubs in Wolfsburg are constantly developing their offerings and adapting them to the wishes and interests of their members.

The city of Wolfsburg, in turn, provides the clubs with a modern and diverse sports infrastructure. The task of sports development planning is to check whether the infrastructure is sufficient in terms of quantity and quality and to draw up proposals for development in line with requirements. The basis for this is the 2012 report on sports development planning in Wolfsburg.

In addition to the infrastructure for organized sports, it is also important to establish low-threshold, open sports and exercise opportunities in public spaces. They play an important role in promoting the health of the population of Wolfsburg and are part of the municipal provision of public services. For this reason, one of the tasks of sports development planning, in cooperation with other business areas, is to create sustainable, ecological sports spaces that can be used in a variety of ways as part of urban development. Currently, this is being done, for example, by participating in the planning of the Sonnenkamp development area via the campus and the Panoramaweg.

Another focus of sports development planning is to support sports clubs in adapting to processes of social change. The aim is to find joint answers to questions about sustainable club structures, innovative sports offerings, the involvement of volunteers and the role of sports clubs in the community. In cooperation with the StadtSportBund Wolfsburg, the SportRegion OstNiedersachsen and the clubs, work is being done on the topic of "club development" within the framework of seminars.

Survey on the impact of the Corona pandemic

In this context, Sports Development Planning also surveyed clubs in detail about the impact and response of sports to the Corona pandemic. The results can be read here:

Integration and inclusion represent a permanent and important social task for organized sport. The equal participation of people with disabilities and from different social and cultural milieus in sports and exercise opportunities remains a challenge for sports, which sports development planning is facing together with other actors from administration, sports and urban society.

The City of Wolfsburg provides funding through the Sports Committee for the promotion of innovative offers for inclusion and integration. The application process is governed by point 3.8 of the City of Wolfsburg's guidelines for the promotion of sport.


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    City of Wolfsburg
    Sports Division
    Rothenfelder Street 14
    38440 Wolfsburg

    Irina Schepp
    Room 13
    Phone: 05361 28-1947
    E-mail to Ms. Schepp

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