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Motor vehicle

Offers overview

  • Driving license

    • Driving license classes
    • Replacement driving license
    • First issue or extension of driving license
    • EU and international driving license
    • Passenger transport
    • Transcript of card
    • New issuance of driving license
    • Transcription of foreign driving license
    • Transcription of an official driving license
    • Extension of driving license

    Further information

  • Vehicle registration

    • Registration
    • Reservation of license plate
    • Decommissioning (deregistration)
    • Vehicle documents
    • Fine dust sticker
    • Short-term and seasonal license plates
    • Exemption permits
    • Technical changes
    • Export and historical license plates
    • Owner information
    • Purchase contract
    • Vehicle tax

    Further information

  • Automotive online services

    Registering the car online - this service is available for all vehicles with a first registration after 01.01.2015. Internet-based vehicle registration makes it possible to register, deregister or re-register a vehicle completely online with just a few clicks.

    Not currently possible with internet-based vehicle registration are:

    • E-license plates
    • Interchangeable license plates
    • Red license plates
    • Green license plates
    • Vintage car license plates
    • Export license plates
    • Short-term license plates
    • Registration for underage vehicle owners
    • Registrations for companies
    • Registration of vehicles with multi-stage type approval (there are several EC certificates of conformity)
    • Preparation of replacement documents, for example after loss or theft
    • Registration of technical modifications

    Further information

  • E-mobility

    • Offers for "electromobilists" in Wolfsburg
    • #WolfsburgDigital: Wolfsburg as a hotspot for electromobility
    • Wolfsburg's electromobility strategy
    • Charging infrastructure concept of the city of Wolfsburg
    • e-cycle expressway Braunschweig - Wolfsburg
    • Alternative Green Route (AGR)
    • Electromobility showcase: eCUBE

    Further information

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