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Retail and center concept 2015/16

The City of Wolfsburg and the economic development department of Wolfsburg Wirtschaft und Marketing GmbH aim to achieve orderly and sustainable retail development in the urban area.

To ensure that inquiries from investors and operators can be answered on the basis of a sound and up-to-date assessment, the 2009/2010 retail development plan was updated by BBE Standort und Kommunalberatung and adapted to changes in settlement and retail trade structures as well as new legal framework conditions. It was adopted by the city council in June 2016, including a binding Wolfsburg product range list as a recommendation for action.

At the time of the survey (August 2015), there were 701 retail businesses in Wolfsburg with a sales area of 308,600 square meters. The retail space per inhabitant is 2.47 square meters. The locally available retail-relevant purchasing power of 813.6 million euros represents a significant increase over the 2009 level (701.9 million euros). In addition, retail-relevant sales of 944.3 million euros were realized in Wolfsburg at the time of the survey. Here, too, a significant increase over 2009 (879.2 million euros) can be seen.

In the sense of a spatial-functional division of labor, the spatial supply centers are divided into a hierarchical center model whose levels are assigned specific supply functions. The aim is to secure and develop the supply structures in the locations worthy of protection. A total of 32 locations worthy of protection have been defined in the urban area: In addition to the city center as the main center, and Fallersleben and Vorsfelde as district centers, nine local supply centers and 20 development sites for local supply have been identified.

In addition, a test site for local supply was identified in Heiligendorf. Three identified existing locations have only very limited significance in terms of supply structure due to their non-integrated urban location. In addition, three specialty store agglomerations were identified as special locations (Heinenkamp, Wolfsburger Landstraße, Hehlinger Straße).

The aim is to safeguard and strengthen the existing center structure and thus to ensure a comprehensive basic supply as close as possible to the residential areas. Furthermore, the spatial concentration of retail trade with non-center-relevant core assortments on the special and specialty store locations is to be strived for.

Due to the residential developments in the eastern part of the city (Hellwinkel, Steimker Gärten, Nordsteimke/ Hehlingen), a local supply concept for the eastern urban area of the city of Wolfsburg was drawn up to supplement the retail and center concept. This concept forms the basis for future local supply-related settlement and structural policy within the eastern urban area and serves as a recommendation for action.


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