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Buying a house or apartment in Wolfsburg

Want to fulfill your dream of owning your own home without having to build it yourself? Buying an existing house or condominium is the right solution.

Exterior view of the housing project Neue Burg in Detmerode
Mathias Leitzke

Acquire property

22 residential projects by various investors are currently in the planning or realization stage. Most of them involve the construction of condominiums and terraced houses, which are spread across the entire city area. In addition to projects directly in the city center, construction projects in Fallersleben, Detmerode and Nordsteimke/Hehlingen are in planning or already under construction.

Wolfsburg as a place to live

Where would you like to live? Find out about your potential place of residence with the help of the description of Wolfsburg's most beautiful residential locations. In addition to the presentation of selected residential areas in the city center, you will find information on the districts of Wolfsburg. Here you can find out, for example, about local amenities in Nordsteimke or whether there is a kindergarten with a crèche in Brackstedt.

Information for homeowners

You already own a home in Wolfsburg? As a homeowner, you have some obligations that you should know about. How much are the property taxes such as land tax, waste and street cleaning fees and sewage fees, waste disposal and property drainage? What type of waste can be disposed of where and how? Is the drainage of my property in order? A leak test is necessary for this. And where can I get a garden water meter to reduce my wastewater charge?

Housing promotion

The step to owning your own home is not only associated with a lot of emotion, expectations and planning, but also with enormous costs. The city of Wolfsburg promotes the formation of home ownership through special subsidy programs. You will also find an overview of funding opportunities from external institutions (KfW Bank, Wolfsburg Energy Agency and so on).


In the past, municipal plots of land were granted under hereditary building rights or transferred to ownership for the purpose of development at the choice of the citizens. You would now like to purchase the land for your own home or are planning to buy a house that stands on a leasehold plot.


In a young city like Wolfsburg, which is just 77 years old, the idea of historic preservation is not immediately obvious. However, there are many historic buildings in the city that need to be protected. A picture gallery shows the most beautiful objects, and there are also tips and contact persons on the subject of monument protection in Wolfsburg.


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