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Traffic planning

Traffic in the city of Wolfsburg has increased much more strongly in recent years than was to be expected based on the nationwide trend.

The decisive factors for the increase in traffic are, on the one hand, the increasing number of jobs in the urban area (20,000 new jobs in the last 10 years) and the increasing inner-city densification in terms of residential, commercial and service development.

To cope with the growing number of commuters, the city of Wolfsburg is working on many levels. On the one hand, individual motorized traffic should be able to flow as unhindered as possible, and on the other hand, as many road users as possible should switch to other means of transport such as bus, train or bicycle. Therefore, the following focal points of work arise that need to be examined and subjected to scrutiny:

Motorized private transport

  • Optimization of the traffic flow to and from the VW plant by alternative traffic routing and traffic control
  • Possible new development and expansion of traffic connections
  • Traffic studies in connection with new construction and commercial areas
  • Creation of Park&Ride parking lots on the outskirts of the city area

Public transport

  • Measures to increase attractiveness and acceptance
  • Connection of new construction and commercial areas
  • Guidance of an "alternative green route" (partly independent guidance away from motorized individual traffic) to link the districts with the city center and the VW plant
  • Implementation of a new bus route network in fall 2014
  • Creation of standards for public transport (service frequency, development radii, traffic times, structure of the route network, frequency models, stop standards, vehicle standard)

Cycling/Pedestrian traffic

  • Promotion of bicycle and pedestrian traffic throughout the city area
  • Further information on cycling in Wolfsburg
Furthermore, the City of Wolfsburg, Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg AG and other partners have been working together since 2012 in the TaskForceTraffic to optimize traffic flow in the city area.

The city of Wolfsburg is also committed to the continued construction of the A 39 motorway to the north and the laying of a second rail track between Braunschweig and Wolfsburg, known as the Weddel Loop, which began in 2022.

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