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Local public transport

On the move in Wolfsburg by bus

Wolfsburg is mobile: In addition to the e-mobility center and the train service at Wolfsburg's train stations, the city also has an efficient bus route network.

With a fleet of around 100 buses on 22 routes, Wolfsburger Verkehrsbetriebe (WVG) moves the city's citizens, commuters and tourists. The local transport company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG and employs around 240 people. With a dense network of routes that was completely renewed in October 2014, WVG transports almost 40,000 people every day to their destinations comfortably and safely, covering five million kilometers per year. Tight intervals link Wolfsburg's city center, the surrounding communities, the Volkswagen plant and the region, and eliminate the need to search for parking spaces.

The use of dynamic passenger information systems, a modern vehicle fleet and cooperation with transport companies from Braunschweig, Gifhorn, Goslar, Helmstedt, Peine and Wolfenbüttel contribute to the attractiveness of public transport in Wolfsburg.

Three buses of the Wolfsburg public transport company
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