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Sporting events

Overview of the sporting highlights
  • PingPongParkinson - table tennis for people with Parkinson's disease

    The Sports Division has joined the "PingPongParkinson Deutschland" initiative together with the KISS self-help contact point of the Wolfsburg Paritätischer, the StadtSportBund Wolfsburg and some sports clubs. We would like to give affected people in the Wolfsburg/Gifhorn region the opportunity to play table tennis. The positive aspects of playing ping pong have meanwhile been scientifically proven.

    At a kick-off event, which will take place on October 16, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the sports hall of the Käferschule in Reislingen, interested sufferers will have the opportunity to get to know the sport of table tennis and the clubs participating in the campaign in more detail. In addition to trained training staff, medical care is also provided on site in case of emergency.

  • Wolfsburg - Bewegt im Park - Sports action weeks for young and old (01.06. - 30.09.2022)
  • Rebirth active school - a preventive movement concept for primary school children on 13.10.2022

    The 8th Forum Sport and Education deals with the consequences and prevention of lack of physical activity in school children. Prof. Dr. Uwe Tegtbur, Director of the Institute for Sports Medicine at the Hanover Medical School, was invited to give the keynote lecture. Together with his team, he has been supporting elementary school children in the Wolfsburg area with the physical activity concept since 2022 and will report on experiences and initial results.

    The forum "REBIRTH active School - a preventive exercise concept for primary school children" will take place on 13.10.2022 in the auditorium of the Neue Schule in Wolfsburg.

    Further information about the event:

  • New sports and exercise program: "Open Sunday" gets off to a successful start

    On Sunday, November 14, 2021, a varied sports and exercise program for elementary school students took place in the sports hall of the Rainbow School under the motto "Open Sunday". In the early afternoon, almost 20 children were able to explore the set-up movement elements for three hours at their leisure and visibly enjoyed running, jumping, swinging or measuring their strength.

    "Open Sunday" is actually an open, low-threshold movement offer that was to be carried out at various elementary schools in Wolfsburg. In line with Corona, the concept has now been successfully tried out for the first time in Wolfsburg only with the "Heckenflur" cohort of the Regenbogenschule.

    Open Sunday" was prepared and carried out by the Sports Division in cooperation with the City of Wolfsburg's Youth Development Department. The program was supported by the Association for Integration through Sport and Education from Esssen, which also prepared the employees very well in advance for their first assignment at "Open Sunday".

    On November 21, the students of the Waldflur cohort will be able to discover the various movement sites together with the Open Sundays coaches. The "Bachflur" cohort will conclude the pilot project on November 28.

    Open Sunday at the Rainbow School
    Open Sunday at the Rainbow School
  • Annual Conference of German Sports Authorities 2020

    General Meeting and Annual Conference of the Working Group of German Sports Authorities

    from 28 to 30 April 2020 in Wolfsburg

    The program booklet is currently still being prepared. You will find first information below:
    You can already register for the conference at: www.ads-sportverwaltung.de/jahrestagung.

  • Welcome to soccer - "Get into volunteering" event
  • German Sports Badge

    Endurance, strength, speed and coordination

    The German Sports Badge is the highest award outside of competitive sports and is awarded as a performance badge for above-average and versatile physical performance.

  • Contact

    StadtSportBund Wolfsburg e. V.
    Diesel Street 18
    38446 Wolfsburg

    Phone: 05361 293763
    Fax: 05361 293761
    E-mail to the StadtSportBund Wolfsburg

  • Wolfsburg Marathon

    One city - one marathon!

    Runners at the start of the Wolfsburg Marathon
    Britta Schulze

    The Wolfsburg Marathon is now very well established in the running scene. What started in 2006 has developed into the largest annual running event in Wolfsburg in recent years. Many athletes from Wolfsburg, the region and neighboring states took part in the event.

    Anyone interested can register and choose between the following distances:

    • United Kids Foundations - Bambini run (about 1 kilometer).
    • 5 kilometer
    • 10 kilometer
    • 21 kilometer
    • 42 kilometer


    The organizers VfL Wolfsburg e. V. and the city of Wolfsburg are looking forward to a great sporting event with many enthusiastic spectators and athletes at the Hexad Marathon in Wolfsburg.

  • Forum Sport and Education

  • 7th Forum Sport and Education: Encouraging Children - Strengthening Children

    "Join in - have courage! Ideas for games and exercises for anxious or socially insecure children" was the title of a workshop held recently on the premises of TV Jahn Wolfsburg e. V. as part of the 7th Forum Sport and Education. The sports scientist Dr. Christiane Bohn, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, gave the 30 participants a theoretical introduction to the topic of fear and insecurity in children and how to deal with it in everyday life at school, daycare centers or clubs, with many practical examples to follow.

    After a theoretical input on the recognition, causes and handling of fears in children, numerous practical exercises followed, which can be used in the work with children. Games for self-awareness and experiencing one's own body were on the program, as were activities and rituals that strengthen the group feeling, and cooperation tasks as well as role plays to strengthen social-emotional competencies. During "cow shed", "walk the dog", "enchantment" or "car wash", the participants not only learned about suitable play and movement activities, but also reflected on their use and their effects on children of different age groups under the guidance of the lecturer. Dr. Bohn emphasized that many professionals in schools, daycare centers and clubs already have an extensive reservoir of exercises and games at their disposal; it is simply a matter of using them in a more targeted manner for the benefit of the children.

    The participants themselves had a lot of fun at the workshop and were able to take home new ideas and easy-to-implement examples for their own practice: "I liked the seminar very much. It was practice-oriented and the theory was conveyed in an understandable way. The group size was also great, so that we could get in touch with everyone and implement the exercises together. During the various games, I was already thinking about how I could incorporate them into my lessons tomorrow," summarized Merle Gade, a teacher at the Friedrich von Schiller School in Wolfsburg.

  • 6th Forum Sport and Education

    "Things you hear, see and do are what you retain the most of."

    6th Forum on Sport and Education on the connection between movement and learning

    Photo from the 6th Forum Sport and Education

    Last Wednesday, the 6th Forum on Sport and Education was held under the motto "Movement, cognitive performance and success at school". The head of the sports department, Monika Müller, welcomed around 30 participants from Wolfsburg's schools, clubs and daycare centers to the conference room at the Föhrenkrug. In an entertaining and very practical lecture, Prof. Dr. Stefan Voll, head of the University Sports Center at the Otto Friedrich University in Bamberg, first explained how and why exercise can have a positive effect on learning. Prof. Voll underpinned his scientific research findings by showing the participants how exercise and learning can be easily combined with each other using a variety of small, practical exercises, so that positive learning effects can be achieved quickly. For example, tricky tasks are easier to master as a team if the team members can move freely around the room. Learning content is absorbed and retained more quickly when it is combined with forms of movement. "Things you only hear about are easily forgotten. You retain more of things you hear and see. And things that you hear, see and do, you retain the most of," said Prof. Voll. Therefore, the scientist encouraged the participants again and again to incorporate the small exercises from the forum into their own lessons, not only to create a better learning atmosphere, but also to lay a good foundation for learning success. The presentation was complemented by the remarks of Hermann Städtler, head of the program "Bewegte Schule, gesunde Schule Niedersachsen". He critically remarked that for every half hour of movement in children's daily school routine, 6 hours of sitting followed. This meant that neither the students nor the teachers were able to live out their natural urge to move, and the positive effects of movement on their performance and well-being were absent.

    Participants clearly enjoyed the two presentations and noted many ideas for use in their own lessons. "The exercises were very entertaining and are easy to implement. I will try to use one or the other method in my fifth grade class," Ms. Felber from Wolfsburg High School firmly took to herself.

  • 5th Forum Sport and Education

    Practical workshop "Adventure Spider's Web - Mathematics is Everywhere".

    Target group: Exercise instructors from Wolfsburg sports clubs as well as pedagogical staff from daycare centers and elementary schools.

    When: 29.10.2020 at 2:30 p.m.

    Where: Hall 1, TV Jahn e. V. grounds, Klieverhagen 26a, 38440 Wolfsburg, Germany

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    City of Wolfsburg
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    Rothenfelder Street 14
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