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Education, culture & Sports


Concert in indoor swimming pool

With major facilities such as the Scharoun Theater, the CongressPark and the indoor swimming pool, Wolfsburg has a diverse stage landscape.

But smaller stages can also be found in the city area, such as the Holzbanktheater in Reislingen or the cabaret stage of the Galerie Theater.

  • Autostadt

    Behind the name "Autostadt" lies not only a unique theme and adventure park, which also houses the largest delivery center for new cars in the world. All year round, the Autostadt invites visitors to cultural events: concerts, readings, children's activities, themed talks or summer and winter productions.

  • CongressPark Wolfsburg GmbH

    Close to the city center and in a scenic location, the CongressPark presents an outstanding space concept for events of almost any kind. Three congress halls with connected exhibition areas and eight conference rooms combine to form a multifunctional facility. A total of 4,741 square meters inside and 6,000 square meters outside are available for exhibitions.

  • Gallery Theater Wolfsburg e. V.

    The GALERIE THEATER WOLFSBURG e. V. is a cabaret stage in the center of Wolfsburg. Here, in a converted and remodeled old half-timbered barn, sophisticated cabaret is presented in a quaint atmosphere.

  • Indoor swimming pool Culture in Schachtweg
    Concert in indoor swimming pool

    Visitors no longer bathe in water, but in culture at the indoor swimming pool, the cultural center in the heart of the city. The former swimming pool, where many Wolfsburgers learned to swim, was reopened in 2007 after extensive renovation work and now offers culture in all its facets.

  • HolzBankTheater

    The name of the theater is a symbol - it recalls bygone times when the audience used to huddle together on wooden benches to "look at their face in the mirror of time" - this is how HolzBankTheater describes itself.

  • Wolfsburg Planetarium
    Interior view of the planetarium
    Photo: Jens Aschenbruck

    The planetarium is a "star theater" that can be visited regardless of the weather. Here, an artificial starry sky is displayed using a unique technique. You can enjoy our shows in comfortable tilting chairs.

  • Dancing Theater Wolfsburg

    Diversity is a keyword that has always characterized the TTW. Even after more than 30 years - the anniversary was celebrated in 2013 - this is strived for in performances as well as in lessons.

  • Scharoun Theater Wolfsburg
    Exterior view theater

    Located in Wolfsburg on the Klieversberg, it attracts not only architects from all over the world. The program covering all genres in the areas of opera, operetta, ballet, concert, play, musical, the newly created "Young Theater" for children and young people as well as specials is also a crowd puller in its selection.

  • wolfsburg figure theater company

    The wolfsburger figurentheater compagnie, founded in 1990, is based in the Bollmohr-Scheune and presents about 90 performances a year with an occupancy rate of 90 percent. Around 120 performances are staged annually on guest tours.

  • Groups, orchestras, ensembles and co.

  • AcconBrio the Wolfsburg Accordion Orchestra

    AcconBrio - The Wolfsburg Accordion Orchestra was founded on July 27, 2015 by some experienced accordion players. Grit Wanzek could be won for the musical direction. She studied instrumental music pedagogy, majoring in accordion, and works full-time as an accordion teacher at the music school of the city of Wolfsburg. Based on a classical orchestra division, rounded off by bass and keyboard players as well as percussionists, the orchestra plays everything that appeals - including, for example, baroque and classical arrangements, original compositions for accordion orchestra, folklore, musette, tango, film music, pop songs and so on.

    Rehearsals are held on Mondays from 19:15 to 21:15 in the Great Hall of the Wolfsburg Music School in Goethestraße.

  • Accordion Orchestra Wolfsburg

    The Accordion Orchestra Wolfsburg was founded on November 12, 1961. It is played in orchestra formation (accordion 1-4, bass, keyboard) and the repertoire includes pieces from the most diverse musical directions such as classical music, pop, beat, musical.

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