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Sports offers

Whether it's a balance to work or you simply enjoy exercising, sports are healthy for the body in any case.
Runners at the start of the marathon
Photo: Britta Schulze

You would like to know what is happening in Wolfsburg and where in terms of sports? You would like to practice a certain sport and are looking for the right club? Here we have the relevant information for you

  • Vacation sports
    Children playing on a meadow

    You don't have to travel during the vacations. There's plenty to experience in Wolfsburg too. We'll tell you what.

  • Health Sports
    Running shoe is laced up (Photo: Christian Schwier, Fotolia)
    Christian Schwier / Fotolia.com

    Fit into old age. Health sport wants to support you in this.

    Information about health sport

  • German Sports Badge

    The German Sports Badge is the highest award outside of competitive sports and is awarded as a performance badge for above-average and versatile physical performance.

    Information on the German Sports Badge

  • Fitness and sports clubs in Wolfsburg
    Woman with dumbbell
    Stephanie Hofschlaeger / pixelio.de

    On the following page you will find a listing of fitness and sports clubs in Wolfsburg. Therefore, please note that the listing is not exhaustive and does not guarantee completeness.

    Information about fitness and sports clubs in Wolfsburg

  • Other sporting highlights

    Allersee in the Allerpark Wolfsburg

    The Allerpark in Wolfsburg offers numerous opportunities to move, relax, unwind or celebrate. Water sports, soccer, skating, bowling, climbing and ice hockey make the Allerpark one of the most beautiful leisure and recreation parks in Lower Saxony.

    HYGIA X-Perience Park

    HYGIA X-Perience Park in Allerpark is an adventure center with indoor soccer fields, an outdoor playing field and a large children's sports world. Children and adults are welcome.

    Information about HYGIA X-Perience Wolfsburg

    STRIKE Bowling and Event Center Wolfsburg

    Since March 2010, the STRIKE Bowling and Event Center is the newest attraction in the Allerpark. Sports and leisure bowlers can have fun on 20 lanes. In addition, the center offers other sports and games.

    Information about the STRIKE Bowling and Event Center Wolfsburg

    WakeBoarding in the Allerpark

    Racing across the lake in Allerpark on water skis or performing artistic jumps on a wakeboard - it's all possible in Allerpark. The WakePark is suitable for beginners as well as for progress and has been open again since Easter.

    Information about the WakePark in the Allerpark

    Golf Club Wolfsburg / Boldecker Land e.V.

    The fascinating game with the small ball. The golf club offers top-class golf right at the gates of Wolfsburg.

    Information about the Golfclub Wolfsburg/Boldecker Land e. V.

  • Association database

    The StadtSportBund offers an overview of all Wolfsburg clubs in the club database.

    Club database

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