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Politics & Administration

Equal Opportunity Unit

᠎Pending Translation: Internationaler Frauentag am 08. März 2024

᠎Pending Translation: In unserer heutigen Gesellschaft ist das Frausein vielfältig und bunt. Es wird immer wieder deutlich, dass wir aber nur dann am stärksten sind, wenn wir uns zusammenschließen. Jede Biografie und die damit verbundenen Stärken und Schwächen sind unabdingbar in der Bewältigung von gesellschaftlichen Herausforderungen. Anlässlich des Internationalen Frauentag 2024 ruft das 8. März-Bündnis zu Solidarität und gegenseitigem Empowerment auf: Lasst uns gemeinsam eine „Einheit in der Vielfalt“ sein.

᠎Pending Translation: Das Programm finden Sie im folgenden Flyer:

Welcome to the website of the Equal Opportunities Department of the City of Wolfsburg! The Equal Opportunities Department is committed to equality and equal opportunities for all genders - both within the administration and in the city society in Wolfsburg.

In concrete terms, this means that the Equal Opportunities Officer as well as the employees of the Equal Opportunities Office

  • act as experts on issues relating to gender equality,
  • participate in various working and steering groups of the city administration, the city society and network partners,
  • work through (specialized) events, projects, cooperations and public relations and set impulses relevant to gender equality,
  • advise employees and citizens of the city of Wolfsburg on gender equality issues and, if necessary, refer them to specialized agencies.

The topics and focal points of gender equality work are multifaceted and can be fast-moving. Accordingly, we focus on issues relevant to the federal, state, and local governments in order to have the best possible positive impact on the living conditions of people in Wolfsburg.

In addition to other matters, we are currently focusing on the following topics:
  • Combating domestic violence
  • Establishment of gender-sensitive (administrative) language
  • Reconciling family, care and career (at the City of Wolfsburg)
  • Promoting women in skilled trades and STEM professions
  • Breaking down gender stereotypes and role clichés

We also publish an activity report to keep our work transparent for the citizens of Wolfsburg.

  • International Day against Violence against Women

    November 25 is the annual International Day against Violence against Women. In this context, UN Women has launched the global campaign "Orange your City". The "Orange your City" campaign aims to increase the visibility of violence against women and girls.

    We would like to have the following events as drop-down points:


    15.11.23 | Online at 17:00 | Organizer: Equal Opportunities Department in cooperation with Angela Frick from Firewall

    Anti-feminism has been around for as long as feminism has existed - a good 200 years. And in the meantime, it has also found its way into the digital media and thus back into the center of our society. Misogyny and queerophobia, hatred and incitement against marginalized groups are becoming more and more commonplace and are finding increasing resonance in supposedly "harmless" statements. What is behind this development in the digital space and therefore also in everyday life? And what dangers and consequences does it entail?

    Angela Frick, freelance speaker and trainer of the "Firewall" project, informs, clarifies and answers your questions. "Firewall" is a trainer network of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation that offers interactive workshops on the topics of hate speech and proactive counter-speech to hate speech.


    21.11.23 | Online at 16:30 | Organizer: Equal Opportunities Department in cooperation with Weißer Ring e. V

    Last year alone, 21,436 cases of stalking were recorded by the police in Germany. These annually increasing figures show that stalking has become a sad everyday problem in our society. It is often (ex-)partners, rejected admirers, neighbors or even colleagues who approach in an inappropriate and distressing way. The NO STALK app helps you to document and save incidents in an encrypted and evidence-proof manner. Incriminating content does not have to remain on your smartphone. The Weiße Ring e. V. is offering an online presentation to explain how to use this app and answer any questions you may have.

  • The Interdisciplinary Coordination Office for Domestic Violence

    What is the Interdisciplinary Coordination Office for Domestic Violence (iKOST HG)? The iKost HG is an association of various action partners who actively fight against the taboo of domestic violence and want to break the silence. Here, people from the most diverse areas of our society come together.

    Within the framework of iKost HG, experts from counseling and refuge centers, independent organizations, but also from the judiciary, medicine, the police and (municipal) administrations are committed to combating domestic violence. Through the interdisciplinary exchange, measures of prevention and intervention can be developed together, which take into account different points of view and thus better support those affected and professionals.
    What is the goal of iKOST HG? In addition to public relations, one of the goals of iKost HG is to continuously improve existing standards of prevention and intervention and to adapt them to current developments. Furthermore, information about existing contact and counseling services is to be communicated more transparently and the actors are to be trained by means of demand-oriented advanced training.

    The City of Wolfsburg, represented by the Equal Opportunities Department, is also a member of iKOST HG. Through active participation in networking meetings and expert conferences, the fight against domestic violence is to be supported in Wolfsburg in a targeted and sustainable manner. In order to be able to pursue a holistic approach to the prevention and intervention of violence, the Equal Opportunities Department is in close contact with the Youth Department, which is responsible for the topic of child protection.

  • Memberships
  • AK Domestic Violence

    The working group "Domestic Violence" is an interdisciplinary association of various actors from the Wolfsburg area, in order to improve the situation of those affected and to actively combat violence in partnership or family relationships.

    Regular meetings are intended to facilitate an exchange between the actors and to identify current needs in the Wolfsburg area at an early stage.

  • March 8 Alliance

    The 8th of March Alliance organizes projects and actions around the annual International Women's Day.

    The following institutions, among others, are currently involved in the March 8 Alliance:

    • Dialog e. V.
    • ProFamilia Wolfsburg
    • the Coordination Office for Women and Business
    • the Wolfsburg Youth Development Office
    • the integration department of the city
    • the women's center "Frauen-Zimmer
    • representatives of feminist theology
    • representatives of the refugee aid
    • Representatives of the VVN-BdA e. V.

  • Networking meeting of the equal opportunity commissioners

    The equal opportunity commissioner of the city of Wolfsburg is networked with the equal opportunity commissioners of the surrounding cities and districts. She is also actively involved in the state working group and the federal working group of equal opportunity officers.

    Within the framework of regular exchanges, current developments in politics and society are discussed in legal terms, as well as the implementation of legal principles.

  • Wolfsburg Diversity Week

    The Wolfsburg Week for Diversity, led by the Wolfsburg Aids-Hilfe, is committed to ending homophobia and transphobia.

    In the week from 11 to 17 May 2022, various actions took place in Wolfsburg to draw attention to group-based hostility and set an example for diversity, tolerance and acceptance.

  • WomenPlace Wolfsburg

    What are women's places?

    The life and work of women is a significant part of our culture. This special treasure is presented by "frauenORTE Niedersachsen," an initiative of the State Women's Council. For the first time, the great achievements that women have made and continue to make in the political, cultural, social, economic and scientific fields are recounted on site in the cities and regions.

    Permanent exhibition commemorates Volkswagen's first female manager

    In Wolfsburg, the engineer Dr.-Ing. Sibylle von Schieszl is commemorated today with a women's place. More than 40 years ago, she was the first woman to rise to the top of the Volkswagen Group. She was also a co-founder of the Soroptimist International Club Wolfsburg in 1963.

    Among others, Jörg Röhmann (State Secretary of the Lower Saxony Ministry for Social Affairs, Health and Equal Opportunities), former Lord Mayor Klaus Mohrs, Cornelia Klaus (Chairwoman of the State Women's Council e.V.), Elke Heitmüller (Head of Women's Promotion Volkswagen AG), Dr. Manfred Grieger (Head of Historical Communication Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft), Martina Witkowski (Works Council Volkswagen AG), Michel Junge (Managing Director phæno gGmbH) and Beate Ebeling (Equal Opportunities Officer City of Wolfsburg) participated.

    The frauenORT in the VW Lounge at phæno honors the work of Sibylle von Schieszl with a detailed presentation of her life story and exhibits on her scientific activities. On display are exhibits dealing with the viscosity of oils, the subject of Sibylle von Schieszl's doctoral thesis. The exhibits allow visitors to see and feel how oils behave in different ways. Two of the three exhibits were built especially for frauenORT by Volkswagen trainees.

    Ministry for Social Affairs, Health and Equality. State Secretary Jörg Röhmann: "Unfortunately, historiography often still focuses too much on men and their achievements, so that one sometimes has to search for "women's history" and its outstanding figures. The project frauenORTE remedies this situation and draws attention to women, e.g. from culture, politics or science, in a mostly entertaining way. I would therefore like to thank the State Women's Council for its initiative and for the creative ideas for the frauenORTEN. But my thanks also go to the cooperation partners here on site, the city's Equal Opportunities Department, Women's Promotion, the Works Council and Historical Communications of Volkswagen Wolfsburg and the Phaeno."

    "Finally, there is also a women's place in Wolfsburg. Sibylle von Schieszl can be a great role model for young women in particular and encourage them to take up a technical profession. In Wolfsburg, our booming business location, we need the skills of girls and women in these areas as well," explained former Lord Mayor Klaus Mohrs.

    "Physicist Dr.-Ing. Sibylle von Schieszl was already able to make a name for herself as a recognized scientist and manager as an engineer in the 1960s and 1970s. In other words, at a time when neither a career nor an occupation in the natural sciences, let alone as a manager, were a matter of course for women. With the frauenORT Sybille von Schieszl, one of the pioneers in science and education in Lower Saxony is thus honored," Beate Ebeling emphasized.

    In addition to the main location in the phaeno with a lot of information about the life of Sibylle von Schieszl, the city's equal opportunities department has published an information flyer. This flyer is dedicated to Sibylle von Schieszl, but also presents an inner-city walk that provides information on other Wolfsburg women from the field of technology in the broadest sense.

    frauenORTE is an initiative of the Landesfrauenrat Niedersachsen e.V. (Lower Saxony Women's Council), which brings the lives and work of important historical women to life and makes them better known to the public. Their achievements in the political, cultural, social, economic or scientific fields are to be highlighted and honored.

    The Sibylle von Schieszl Women's Place was created in cooperation with the Landesfrauenrat Niedersachsen e.V. (Lower Saxony State Women's Council), Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, the phaeno interactive experience museum, the Soroptimist Club Wolfsburg, Wirtschaft und Marketing GmbH (WMG) and the Equal Opportunities Department of the City of Wolfsburg.

  • Contact

    City of Wolfsburg
    Equal Opportunities Department
    Goethestrasse 48
    38440 Wolfsburg

    Telephone: 05361 28-2842

    E-mail to the Equal Opportunities Department

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