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Politics & Administration

Health Planning

Health planning in the Health division includes information and reporting on health issues, the health region and support measures to attract doctors to Wolfsburg.

In our reporting, we provide information about health and the health situation in Wolfsburg. To do this, we use our own data and materials from other sources - for example, the Robert Koch Institute, the Federal Center for Health Education and the State Health Office. We compile reports based on our own data. For example, we use the statistics from the Social Psychiatric Service or the Child and Youth Health Service.

In the health region, we bring together people and institutions involved in health care in Wolfsburg, ensure an exchange of information and advise on new health projects. The Wolfsburg health region organizes an annual public conference on a current health topic.

There is a shortage of doctors in Wolfsburg, particularly in the GP sector. However, there are also shortages in other specialist groups. We offer support for new practices to specialists working in the GP sector in particular. In order to attract doctors to Wolfsburg in the long term, we support medical students who are being trained at the clinic (medical campus).

Head: Dr. Volker Heimeshoff

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