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Detmerode audio walk

Fifty years after its founding, the once young district of Detmerode is getting on in years. What were the goals of the city planners back then? What do the people of Detmerode think about their district today?

The start and end point is at Detmeroder Markt. The round tour is divided into five sections. The entire tour takes about an hour.

The audio walk opens eyes and ears to the urban and architectural qualities of Detmerode. In the audio walk, historical recordings from 1963 mix with the views of today's residents. Two voices accompany you on your way through the district and let you participate in their conversation. It's about big ideas and small details in architecture, functional planning and the question of whether a new district can become a home.....

The project "Baukultur im Ohr. An audio walk through the Wolfsburg district of Detmerode" was developed by Tonspur Stadtlandschaft, Leibniz Universität Hannover in cooperation with the Forum Architektur der Stadt Wolfsburg.

  • The audio walk

    Please click directly into the map for an enlargement.

    Note: The following five parts of the audio walk are available for listening on Youtube and each opens in a new window

    Station 1 - Detmeroder Market

    Station 2 - Stephanus Kindergarten

    Station 3 - Konrad-Adenauer-Allee

    Station 4 - Friedrich Naumann Street

    Station 5 - Citizen Park

  • We thank the sponsors of the Audiowalk

    We would like to thank all interviewees! Without them, this Audiowalk could not have been created.

    The Audiowalk contains excerpts from the following radio broadcast from 1963:
    Low German Chronicle: Industrial settlement as cultural center of a rural area. Conversation with the mayor, chief city director and city building council of Wolfsburg. Editing: Low German / Hugo Bartels, ESD: 13.11.1963 (Source: Norddeutscher Rundfunk, NDR 1 Niedersachsen).

    Map base:
    City base map of the city of Wolfsburg, business unit IT - 15-3 GIS, 2001-2006. Extract from the geographic base data of the Lower Saxony Surveying and Cadastral Administration, © 2011.

    Soundtrack cityscape, Stefanie Krebs, www.tonspur-stadtlandschaft.de
    © 2013

    Funded by:

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