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Politics & Administration

Integration Department

Migration - Integration - Consulting - Education

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The Integration Department...

  • offers Wolfsburg residents from different countries of origin individual support for a wide range of needs within the framework of intercultural counseling
  • supports and promotes international cultural associations
  • promotes measures that meet the objectives of the "Living Diversity" integration concept
  • develops projects for people seeking refuge and new immigrants
  • oversees the joint task "Intercultural City Administration Wolfsburg"
  • carries out anti-racism and anti-discrimination work on the ground
  • publishes reports on the "Living Diversity" integration concept

  • Contact

    City of Wolfsburg
    Integration Department


    City Hall B, Room B 227
    Porschestraße 49
    38440 Wolfsburg

    Telephone: 05361 28-2672

    E-mail to sekretariat.integrationsreferat@stadt.wolfsburg.de

    The Integration Department is headed by Irina Reschke

  • Other offers and services

  • Agile management concept for integration work in Wolfsburg "Living Diversity

    The integration concept "Living Diversity" 2021 forms the basis for the agile management of Wolfsburg's integration work and invites us to continue the dialog on the goals and effects of integration and to develop it further together with all those involved.

    Following a comprehensive review of the existing integration measures in Wolfsburg, the Integration Department developed further challenges and goals.

    These are reflected in four fields of action.

    The integration concept contains 48 pages of valuable information on the topic of immigration and integration as well as goals and challenges for further integration work, but also interesting information on topics such as intercultural competence and the importance of participation. It is the declared aim of Wolfsburg city council and politicians to pursue and implement the goals that have been set.


    Many people know the building on the Laagberg as the former Freizeitheim West. Since 2019, it has been under the administration of the integration department. As a socio-cultural meeting place, it is to be available for diverse and intercultural uses for Wolfsburger*innen, especially from the local council area Mitte-West. The Flüchtlingshilfe Wolfsburg e.V. with its counselors, the AWO with its project "Arbeit nach Maß" and the Diakonie with its pregnancy counseling are already a permanent fixture in Das WEST. In addition, some international associations and groups meet, such as African drumming, dancing, singing and pottery.

    In the building there are various rooms that can be rented by clubs and associations, whether for one-time or regular use.


    E-mail: das-west@stadt.wolfsburg.de
    Samlandweg 17, 38440 Wolfsburg, Germany
    Mr. Tarek Said
    Phone: 0151 5694 3718

  • Promotion of integration measures and international cultural associations

    The City of Wolfsburg supports associations, groups and individuals who are active in Wolfsburg, make a contribution to our diverse society and pursue goals that contribute to good understanding within society.

    The guideline gives an overview of the framework conditions for funding and with the help of the application you can request funds from the integration department for your measure/project.

  • Integration Management

    Integration management with a monitoring system has been set up to further develop Wolfsburg's integration concept "Living diversity". The integration department has the following tasks

    • Creating transparency about integration activities in Wolfsburg within and outside the city administration
    • Data-based control and coordination
    • Optimization of internal processes
    • Communication and interface management
    • Publication of integration reports
    • Further development of migration and integration work

    The integration report is intended to show the implementation processes of integration projects on the basis of indicators and to formulate recommendations for action and further challenges in integration work.

    The City of Wolfsburg's first integration report from 2019 is intended as an initial inventory of the implementation of a selection of measures within the city.

    A new integration report is currently being prepared.


    Niels Christopher Spielvogel
    Town Hall B, Room 226
    E-mail: niels-christopher.spielvogel@stadt.wolfsburg.de

    Inga Marie Pape
    Town Hall B, Room 266
    E-mail: inga-marie.pape@stadt.wolfsburg.de

  • Intercultural Municipality

    The "Intercultural Municipality of Wolfsburg" action concept is intended to help adapt services and offerings to a social environment that is changing as a result of immigration. The Intercultural City Administration Wolfsburg is perceived as a joint task by the business units and departments.

    The "Intercultural Municipality of Wolfsburg" sees itself as an organizational and personnel development process. Intercultural training for the acquisition or expansion of intercultural competencies as well as workshops for the development of measures are offered to all employees. In doing so, the city administration pursues the goal of increasing the employment of employees with a migrant background.


    Intercultural city administration
    Ms. Miriam Calabrese

    Town Hall B, Room 267
    Telephone: 05361 28-1078
    E-Mail: M iriam.C alabrese@stadt.wolfsburg.de

  • Humanitarian admission programs - Resettlement

    As part of the resettlement program, a contingent of refugees in particular need of protection has been permanently admitted to Germany each year since 2012. Since 2015, at least 500 reception places have been made available each year for refugees who have undergone a registration and recognition procedure with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and received a residence permit from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees in accordance with Section 23 of the Residence Act. The residence permit for humanitarian reasons entitles the holder to gainful employment from the very beginning. Resettlement refugees are entitled to social benefits according to SGB II or SGB XII, appropriate housing and participation in integration courses.

    "Mano nella Mano"

    The aim of the project is to provide intensive support and guidance to families newly arriving from Italy during the first steps of integration in Wolfsburg, when language support is needed for visits to authorities, registration and so on, which for time and organizational reasons cannot always be provided by the official counseling centers.


    Ms. Saghar Paimard
    Languages: Farsi, Dari and German
    Phone: 05361 28-2765
    E-mail: saghar.paimard@stadt.wolfsburg.de
    City Hall B, Room 226
    Mr. Bilell Hamoussi
    Languages: Arabic and English
    Phone: 05361 5011
    E-mail: bilell.hamoussi@stadt.wolfsburg.de
    E-mail: resettlement@stadt.wolfsburg.de
    City Hall B, Room 226

  • Events

    Strengthening cultural identities - promoting intercultural dialog - Together with international cultural associations and other social actors, the Integration Department regularly creates various opportunities for social encounters and open exchange between all nationalities living in Wolfsburg. This includes, for example, the annual World Refugee Day.

    Do you have any suggestions or would you like to get involved? If you are interested, please contact the Integration Department by e-mail: sekretariat.integrationsreferat@stadt.wolfsburg.de

  • Operational integration work

    Operative integration work focuses on the topic of "Refugees and immigration". The work is aimed directly at refugees and new immigrants.

    Operative integration work has interfaces with areas of the city administration, the job center, migration advice centres, migrant aid organizations, volunteer supporters and other stakeholders.
    Specific projects and tasks that promote integration are supported in their implementation, coordinated with network offices and in some cases carried out by the department itself.

    Publications are produced and published on topics of need: "Living without worries" brochure

    We organize network meetings, information events and discussion opportunities for refugees/new immigrants on the one hand and for the advice centres for immigrants and the voluntary support groups on the other. The networking work is characterized by an appreciative and solution-oriented attitude.

    Topics and networks:

    • Socio-educational work in refugee accommodation centers
    • Health concept for refugees
    • Network for women, refugees and immigration
    • Advice and support network for immigrants


    Operative integration work
    Ms. Melanie Fiebich
    Town Hall B, Room 225
    Telephone: 05361 28-2740
    E-mail: melanie.fiebich@stadt.wolfsburg.de

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