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Climate protection

Concepts, funding programs, Agenda 21, links and further information


  • Latest news on photovoltaic subsidies (PV subsidy program)

    The application window for funding investments in solar power generation started successfully on 01.04.2024 at 10 a.m. Applications for funding can still be submitted until midnight on 30.04.2024 via the online town hall (see below).

    Once the application has been submitted, work can begin on awarding the contract and implementing the measure. If the measure is started after the application has been submitted and before the grant notification has been received, this is at the applicant's own financial risk, as measures that are not eligible for funding may be implemented.
    After the applications for funding have been reviewed, the eligible applications are determined by drawing lots. The relevant notifications are then sent to the respective applicants.

    There is no entitlement to funding, even if all requirements are met.

    Note: As the Lower Saxony service account is being replaced by the federal government account (BundID), only the BundID is now available as a registration option on OpenRathaus.
    Please use the same e-mail address as for your previous account in order to gain access to applications that have already been submitted digitally.

  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions
  • I have submitted my application for funding - what happens next?

    After all funding applications have been reviewed, the eligible applications are drawn by lot. All applicants will then receive notification of whether or not they are eligible for funding.

    • After installation of the system or completion of the measure, you can submit all final documents (= proof of use) via online application.

    The funding can only be paid out after the proof of use has been positively checked and the budget has been approved.

  • What documents are required for the funding application and by when can I submit them?

    For a plug-in PV system: Screenshot / photo of the intended planned system including technical details.

    ForPV systems from 1 kWp: The respective cost estimate.

    For a solar power storage system ≥ 3kWh: The respective cost estimate.

    All documents must be submitted with the application, otherwise the application cannot be considered.

  • Can I start the measure before submitting the application?

    No, the measure or installation of the system may only be implemented after the funding application has been submitted. Therefore, an application for funding cannot be submitted retrospectively.

  • By when must the measure be completed and the application for payment submitted?

    The measure or the installation of the system should be completed in the respective funding year and the application for payment submitted.

  • I will not be able to complete the measure in the funding year - What now?

    If you are unable to complete the funded measure in the respective funding year, please send a brief notification including a short justification. Whether the funding can continue beyond the funding year will be reviewed on an individual basis.

  • When is the grant paid out?

    The grant can only be paid out once the application for payment has been approved.

  • What documents are required as proof of use?

    You can find out which documents you need to submit under point 9 in the funding guidelines.

    After completion of the measure, copies of the original invoices and a confirmation that the system is ready for commissioning (commissioning report) must be submitted.

    If you have any problems submitting the application for payment, please contact the City of Wolfsburg's climate protection team (e-mail: klimaschutz@stadt.wolfsburg.de).

  • Can the city of Wolfsburg recommend electricians/specialist companies?

    Unfortunately, we cannot help you find a company. You can find electricians via the tradesman search of the Chamber of Crafts or via the Wolfsburg Electrical Engineering Guild.

  • Contact

    City of Wolfsburg
    Environmental Agency - Climate Protection
    Am Mühlengraben 1
    38440 Wolfsburg

    Your contact person:
    Stefan Baumgardt
    Phone: 05361 28-5192

  • Climate Impact Adaptation

    Project title:

    Single project Integrated and sustainable climate adaptation management and concept for the city of Wolfsburg.

    Funding priority:

    Preparation of a sustainable adaptation concept (initial project).


    01.05.2023 - 30.06.2025

    Funding code:


    Project description:

    The project serves to develop an integrated climate adaptation concept within the framework of sustainable adaptation management for the city of Wolfsburg. The aim is to address the necessary adaptation processes as early as possible, systematically and in an integrated manner in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals. The adaptation concept serves as a decision-making basis and planning aid for future adaptation activities in the municipality. It is intended to show which potentials exist for adaptation to the consequences of climate change and includes a corresponding adaptation plan. The contents of the adaptation concept specifically address the local characteristics and additionally correspond to the sustainability goals. The results, findings and experiences gained in the course of the project serve as a basis for the subsequently planned implementation of the sustainable adaptation concept with its priority measures. With the help of the concept, the adaptive capacity of the city of Wolfsburg is to be increased overall.

    Goal and content:

    The aim of the climate adaptation concept is to show ways of adapting to the challenges posed by climate change. It will identify measures and strategies to strengthen the adaptive capacity of citizens, ecosystems and infrastructures to the impacts of climate change and to create a sustainable and resilient future.

    Funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMVU) based on a resolution of the German Bundestag.
    BMVU https://www.bmuv.de/themen/klimaschutz-anpassung/klimaanpassung
    ZUG https://www.z-u-g.org/aufgaben/foerderung-von-massnahmen-zur-anpassung-an-die-folgen-des-klimawandels/

    Logo des Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz, nukleare Sicherheit und Verbraucherschutz (BMUV)

    Brief description and purpose of the project:

    It can be assumed that climate change will continue to progress and thus weather events with increasing damage potentials will also increase in Wolfsburg. With the creation of a climate adaptation concept, the city of Wolfsburg would like to first examine which existing and expected climate impacts will affect the city. Thereupon, the relevant fields of action are to be integrated and considered in the long term in order to develop a strategy with countermeasures. Based on the experience gained so far, the goal is to be prepared for climate change impacts at an early stage in order to reduce the vulnerability of natural, social and economic systems to climate impacts and, at the same time, to increase the adaptability of these systems and the exploitation of possible opportunities.
    As a basis for the climate adaptation concept, the first step is to analyze climate change impacts that have already occurred and to forecast expected future climate change impacts. From this, emerging challenges and opportunities can be derived and fields of action can be named, which take into account both short-term acute and long-term consequences of climate change. If these data are overlaid with local conditions, such as the population or settlement structure, the next step is to identify particularly affected or sensitive fields of action and locations (hotspots).

    Based on the results of this analysis, an overall strategy is developed that prioritizes fields of action, identifies possible solutions, formulates holistic objectives taking into account sustainability goals, and identifies necessary land requirements for adaptation measures.

    A catalog of measures forms the basis for implementing the climate adaptation objectives. This catalog specifies goals with different time horizons and the necessary action requirements. Possible synergies or conflicts with climate protection activities are examined.

    In order to integrate climate adaptation activities permanently in the administration and the municipality, a continuation strategy is developed, which starts at the organizational level, designates responsibilities, creates structures and promotes networking.

    A cotrolling concept is also part of the project. Its aim is to systematically record and evaluate the short-, medium- and long-term effects of adaptation management.

    The entire process will be accompanied by active public relations and stakeholder and citizen participation. For this purpose, a communication strategy is to be developed on how the topic can receive attention in order to achieve a broad and active participation in participations and the implementation of measures.

    Contact person: Ms. Lansing
    Phone: 49 5361 28-5195
    City Hall B, Room 443

    Vertrockneter Boden

  • CO2 reduction concept of the city of Wolfsburg

    The goals and principles of today's climate protection activities are formulated in the CO2 reduction concept adopted by the Wolfsburg City Council on May 6, 2009. The concept incorporates the results of the "Wolfsburg Agenda 21" and "Wolfsburg Declaration" participation processes.

    Do you know where you stand with your personal CO2 balance? You can record your annual CO2 emissions with the CO2 calculator of the Federal Environment Agency.

    Wolfsburg is one of the signatories of the Covenant of European Mayors and is committed to the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 20 percent by 2020.

    Under the conditions of a relatively young building stock and an efficient central district heating supply based on CHP technology for the entire city center, the fields of action lie in increasing energy efficiency at the consumer end, reducing energy consumption and generating renewable energies. Detailed measures can be found in the CO2 reduction concept.

  • Climate protection sub-concepts

    The integrated climate protection sub-concept "Climate-friendly mobility" for the city of Wolfsburg was funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety as part of the national climate protection initiative.

  • Solar energy

    Investments in solar power systems are an investment in the future. They contribute to the energy transition and help protect the climate.

  • Wolfsburg EnergyAgency

    The city of Wolfsburg is supported in its projects by the Wolfsburg EnergyAgency. Since its foundation in 2009, it has established itself as a link between the city administration and external stakeholders.

    The project "Advisory support for the implementation of the climate protection concept of the city of Wolfsburg" is funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the project management organization Forschungszentrum Jülich under the funding code 03KS1147.

    The project "KSI: Refurbishment of outdoor and street lighting in the city of Wolfsburg" is funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the project sponsor Forschungszentrum Jülich under the funding code 03KS6064.

    The project "Replacement of the oil heating system with a pellet heating system in the Wolfsburg animal shelter" is funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the project sponsor Forschungszentrum Jülich under the funding code 03KS1147M.

  • Contact

    City of Wolfsburg
    Environmental Agency
    Climate Protection Department
    Am Mühlengraben 1
    38440 Wolfsburg

    E-mail to the Environmental Agency

    Your contact persons:

    Specialist manager/climate protection manager:

    Armin Herglotz
    Room 10
    Telephone: 05361 28-5193


    Stefan Baumgardt
    Room 10
    Phone: 05361 28-5192

    Climate Impact Adaptation Manager:

    Josepha Lansing
    Room 9
    Phone: 05361 28-5195


    Laura Gerloff
    Room: 9
    Telephone: 05361 28-5194

    Central e-mail to: klimaschutz@stadt.wolfsburg.de

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