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Politics & Administration

Political bodies

Decision-making processes in the city

As a municipality, the city is responsible for many areas of daily life. But the city administration does not make all the decisions. Many political bodies work together to develop decisions for the benefit of the city and its citizens.

The political bodies of the City of Wolfsburg are elected in local elections. The most important body of the city is the city council. In addition, there are other bodies that prepare, discuss and help shape the political decision-making process in the city. On this page you will find an overview of all political bodies that are important for the city.

Overview of the political bodies

  • The groups

    Currently, the citizens of Wolfsburg have elected seven parties to the city council. In addition to the generally known mainstream parties such as the SPD, CDU, FDP, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen and the AfD, the Wolfsburg parliament also includes the local PUG.

    The six political groups represented on the Wolfsburg City Council:

  • The management committee

    Together with the Council, the Administrative Committee is another important decision-making body of the City of Wolfsburg. The Administrative Committee (VA) differs fundamentally from the other committees of the Council, which only make recommendations for decision-making: The Administrative Committee is an independent body of the city. In cooperation with the City Council as well as the Lord Mayor, it directs the fate of the city.

  • The technical committees

    13 specialist committees support the city council in its work. These committees get down to business: issues are discussed in detail, alternatives are considered or additions are made to the administration's proposals.

    In the specialist committees, decisions are so well prepared that the Council can often agree unanimously, thus finding more time for important political discussions.

    The committees usually meet in public. Anyone can attend these meetings.

    The 13 specialist committees

  • The local councils
  • The advisory boards
  • Other advisory boards, forums, steering committees and commissions

    Many decisions of the political committees are prepared in special bodies. These bodies, often referred to as forums, advisory boards, commissions, steering committees, working groups or steering groups, are generally made up of representatives from politics, administration and experts from business and society.

    Note: The following list of informal bodies between politics and administration is exemplary and not exhaustive.

    Listing of committees active by business area:

    Business Unit Citizen Services

    • Agenda Steering Committee
    • Agenda Forum North-South Cooperation
    • Agendaforum sustainable settlement development/transportation
    • Agendaforum Preservation of Biological Diversity
    • Crime Prevention Steering Group

    Youth Division

    • Children and Youth Commission/Youth Welfare Planning
    • Play Space Commission
    • Lump-sum commission
    • Fan Project Advisory Council
    • Development needs Wolfsburg day care

    Social Affairs Division

    • Advisory council for people with disabilities
    • Nursing Conference

    Health Division

    • Social psychiatric association
    • Round table on medical care

    Culture Division

    • Advisory council for the allocation of cultural funding
    • Advisory council for cultural development plan
    • Arts Advisory Council

    Road Construction and Project Coordination Division

    • Traffic Steering Group
    • Bicycle traffic working group

    Integration Department

    • Jury Integration Award
    • Immigration working group
  • Contact

  • Contact

    City of Wolfsburg
    Council and legal affairs
    Dr. Baedermann
    Porschestrasse 49
    38440 Wolfsburg

    Phone: 05361 28-2194
    Fax: 05361 28-1880
    E-mail to Council and Legal Affairs

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