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City map

Stadtplandienst öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster

The city map offers the possibility to quickly get an overview of the most important infrastructure data in our city and it is incidentally also quite convenient to use with a cell phone or tablet.

The system has a large database at its disposal. With just a few clicks, users can, for example, display all the schools in their district or use the radius search to look for bottle banks within a radius of one kilometer.

In order to ensure a clear overview of the large amount of information, the map is accessed via so-called theme maps, such as the bicycle city map. It uses various symbols to show not only bike routes, bike paths and parking facilities, but also repair shops. In this way, users get all the information they need on "Cycling in Wolfsburg" at a glance.

The city planning and building consulting division offers the possibility to search for legally binding development plans. All plans are drawn in the city area, and with a click in the respective planning area it is possible to download not only the development plan but also further information, such as the justification for the planning.

Link zum Stadtplan (öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster)

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