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Vehicle seasonal license plate

  • General information

    The validity of the seasonal license plate is limited to a certain period.
    The season consists of a minimum of two and a maximum of eleven months. The period of validity of the license plate is stamped on the right side of the license plate. The numbers above each other are separated by a horizontal line. The number above the line indicates the start of registration (from the first day of the month) and the one below the line indicates the end of registration (until the last day of the month).

    Thus, for vehicles that are used annually but not year-round, registration and deregistration are not required. The vehicle tax is calculated only for the seasonal period.

    Outside the seasonal period, vehicles may not be driven on public roads (including test/transfer or workshop drives) or parked on public roads and parking lots.

    The registration of a seasonal period is also possible in the course of a registration.

    Since 01.10.2017, the classic car license plate can also be assigned as a seasonal license plate.

    Please note that a maximum of four additional placeholders are possible on a seasonal license plate. If you already have a license plate combination of two letters and three numbers or one letter and four numbers, the vehicle must be re-registered when applying for the seasonal license plate. In the case of the combination of seasonal license plates with classic cars, the number of further placeholders is reduced to three.

  • Required documents

    • Identity card or passport with certificate of registration
    • Proof of valid motor vehicle liability insurance via the eVB procedure with receipt of a seven-digit electronic insurance confirmation number (eVB) indicating the seasonal period
    • Vehicle registration certificate / registration certificate part II
    • Vehicle registration certificate / registration certificate part I
    • previous license plate(s)
    • Proof of a valid main inspection according to § 29 StVZO. Main inspection report: The test report on the last main inspection must only be submitted if the due date for the next main inspection is not stated in the vehicle registration document or the registration certificate Part I.
      If applicable, the following is also required at the time of application:
    by proxy / representative*:
    • Power of attorney issued (see below for form) including personal document of the person issuing the power of attorney and the authorized person.
    for companies (GmbH, AG, OHG, KG, UG haftungsbeschränkt, foreign legal form):
    • Current excerpt from the commercial register, current business registration, power of attorney of the managing director or authorized signatory or personal appearance of the managing director/authorized signatory and their identity card/passport.
    for associations:
    • Excerpt from the register of associations; identity card or passport and power of attorney of the designated representative(s)
    for freelancers
    • Proof of membership of a chamber (e.g. medical association, chamber of notaries, chamber of veterinary surgeons, etc.) or
    • Certificate from the tax office

    for companies under civil law:

    • Complete overview of the partners (as a rule, partnership agreement)
    • Power of attorney and declaration of the person to whom the registration is to be made (confirmed by signature of all partners) as well as the identity card / passport of the partner to whom the registration is to be made.
    For minors:

  • Fees

    Fees will be charged in accordance with the Fee Regulations for Road Traffic Measures (GebOSt) from an amount of 27.90 euros. The specific fee amount can only be determined on site based on the submission of the complete documents.

    Additional costs for the creation of license plates are not included and will not be charged by the vehicle registration authority.
    If there are any fee arrears, these must be paid on the day of registration in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Registration Requirements Act, otherwise registration of the vehicle will be refused.

    If there are tax arrears, these must be paid at the relevant main customs office. Registration can only be carried out after this.

  • Legal basis
  • Further information
  • Contact

    Citizen Services
    City Hall B, Room 015

    Phone: 05361 28-1234
    Fax: 05361 28-2090

    Write an e-mail

    Please draw a waiting mark or use the online appointment system.

    You can also use this service in the administrative offices Fallersleben and Vorsfelde take advantage of this service.

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