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New registration of a vehicle

  • General information

    Brand-new vehicles must be registered for use on public roads.

    With the vehicle registration you will receive the registration papers for the vehicle as well as the corresponding license plates.

    If you wish, you can obtain a free Wolfsburg license plate of your choice. You can check whether your desired license plate is available in advance online under Reservation of a desired license plate.

    From 01.09.2023, there is the possibility of a day registration in accordance with § 7 FZV. Upon application, a vehicle subject to registration can be re-registered for the duration of only the day on which the new registration takes effect.
    A day registration does not require the license plates to be stamped and the applicant is issued with a temporary registration certificate, which must be clearly legible and displayed in the vehicle. At the end of the day of the new registration, the vehicle is deemed to have been taken out of service without the need for a separate application in accordance with § 16 Para. 1 FZV.

    The cost of the day registration is 46.50 euros.

  • Requirements

    • New vehicle
    The vehicle you want to register is brand new or has never been registered before, neither in Germany nor elsewhere.
    • Main residence in Wolfsburg
    You live in Wolfsburg and are registered here. A secondary residence in Wolfsburg is not sufficient. If the vehicle is registered to a company or association, the company or association must have a registered office or branch in Wolfsburg.

  • Required documents

    by proxy / representative:

    • Identity card or passport with registration certificate
    • Registration certificate part II or operating license (for vehicles not subject to registration)
    • EC certificate of conformity (COC paper) or data confirmation or full expert opinion
    • for vehicles without EC type-approval or COC certificate, a full expert opinion in accordance with § 21 StVZO from a technical inspection body must be submitted
    • Proof of valid motor vehicle liability insurance via the eVB procedure with receipt of a seven-digit electronic insurance confirmation number (eVB)
    • SEPA direct debit mandate for collection of motor vehicle tax

    If applicable, additionally required at the time of application:

    • issued power of attorney (form see below) including personal document of the grantor of the power of attorney and the authorized representative
    for companies (GmbH, AG, OHG, KG, UG haftungsbeschränkt, foreign legal form):
    • Current excerpt from the commercial register, current business registration, power of attorney of the managing director or authorized signatory or personal appearance of the managing director / authorized signatory and their identity card / passport
    for associations:
    • Excerpt from the register of associations; identity card or passport and power of attorney of the designated representative(s)
    for freelancers
    • Proof of membership of a chamber (e.g. medical association, chamber of notaries, chamber of veterinary surgeons, etc.) or
    • Certificate from the tax office

    for companies under civil law:

    • Complete overview of the partners (as a rule, partnership agreement)
    • Power of attorney and declaration of the person to whom the registration is to be made (confirmed by signature of all partners) as well as the identity card / passport of the partner to whom the registration is to be made.
    For minors: (see forms below)
    • Consent of the legal guardian(s) (usually both parents) and designation of a person authorized to accept service of documents

  • Fees

    Fees are charged in accordance with the German Road Traffic Fee Regulations (GebOSt) from 30.00 euros . The actual amount of the fee can only be determined on site on the basis of the submission of the complete documentation.

    Additional costs for the creation of license plates are not included and are not charged by the vehicle registration authority.

    If there are any outstanding fees, these must be paid on the day of registration in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Registration Requirements Act, otherwise the registration of the vehicle will be refused.

    If there are any tax arrears, these must be paid to the responsible main customs office. The vehicle can only be registered after this.

    The cost of the day registration is 46.50 euros.

  • Legal basis
  • Further information
  • Responsible office

    Citizen Services

    City Hall B, Room 015

    Tel.: 05361 28-1234

    Fax: 05361 28-2090

    Send e-mail

    Book an appointment

    You can also use this service at the administrative offices in Fallersleben and Vorsfelde.

  • Forms
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