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Health & Social

Tuberculosis Counseling

In the tuberculosis consultation hour of the health department of the city of Wolfsburg are cared for:

  • Persons who have contracted tuberculosis.
  • Persons who have had contact with a person suffering from tuberculosis.
  • Persons who had a tuberculosis disease a long time ago.
  • Surveillance by the public health department in cases of tuberculosis is required by law.
  • The Wolfsburg Health Department will contact these groups of people or the doctors treating them directly!
Persons who have been in contact with a person suffering from tuberculosis will be invited in writing to an examination by the public health department. Here it is clarified in a conversation whether an X-ray, a skin test or a blood test is necessary.


  • Contact

    City of Wolfsburg
    Health Division
    Dr. Michael Brabant
    Rosenweg 1a
    38446 Wolfsburg

    Phone: 05361 28-2628
    Phone: 05361 28-2020
    E-mail to the health department

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