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Education, culture & Sports

Contacts IZS

Institute Management:

Anita Placenti-Grey

Phone: 05361 275734

E-mail: anita.placenti-grau@stadt.wolfsburg.de


Steffi Crain

Phone: 05361 275732

E-mail: steffi.crain@stadt.wolfsburg.de

History Workshop/Archives Education:

Aleksandar Nedelkovski

Phone: 05361 275736

E-mail: aleksandar.nedelkovski@stadt.wolfsburg.de


Dr. Alexander Kraus

Phone: 05361 275741

E-mail: alexander.kraus@stadt.wolfsburg.de

Image archive:

Katja Steiner

Phone: 05361 275737

E-mail: katja.steiner@stadt.wolfsburg.de

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