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Economy & Digital

Downtown projects

Together with partners and investors, the city of Wolfsburg is working on various projects for downtown development.

North Head Quarter Center

With the "Nordkopfquartier Mitte", a modern and sustainable urban quarter with retail, gastronomy and culture, office and residential space as well as technology and creative workshops is to be created on a six-hectare site from Wolfsburg's main railway station via the Bahnhofspassage to Porschestraße. A new mobility hub is to be developed in the station area and additional supply options and services for commuters and travelers are to be accommodated. The new quarter is to have a high building density with various building blocks and qualified open spaces.
In June 2023, the Wolfsburg City Council gave the go-ahead for the development of the district by approving the "Nordkopfquartier Mitte" development plan, and the planners expect the resolution to be passed by the end of 2024. The city of Wolfsburg is creating the necessary framework conditions for future investors with a development plan. Initially, three variants for the urban development will be developed as the planning basis for the development plan. Based on these alternatives, important aspects of urban development can then be considered from different angles. These include mobility, open spaces, design, mixed use and building structure.


In June 2023, the City Council of Wolfsburg gave the go-ahead for an urban redevelopment plan for the "Nordkopfquartier Ost" development plan, with partial preservation of the existing building fabric and the addition of new buildings and a high point. The aim of the planning is to strengthen the connection between the main train station, DOW and Porschestrasse. Currently, a mixed-use development is planned for the quarter. In detail, this envisages predominantly office and residential uses on the upper floors as well as high-frequency and externally effective uses on the first floors of Porschestrasse. Volksbank Braunschweig-Wolfsburg (BraWo), as the investor, is holding a two-stage urban planning and building design competition for teams of architects and landscape planners for this mixed-use neighborhood development. The resolution for the development plan procedure is scheduled for the second half of 2024. Since various buildings have already been demolished, an attractive interim use is being sought for the transitional period.


Starting from the site of today's Schillergalerie, Volksbank Braunschweig-Wolfsburg (BraWo) as investor intends to create a new anchor for retail, gastronomy, offices and various residential concepts between Schillerstraße and the southern area of Porschestraße Mitte. The larger part of the existing development on the west side of Porschestraße south of the Wabe will be integrated into the new building. In October 2020, the Wolfsburg City Council passed a resolution to develop the "Porschestraße - Mittlerer Bereich/north of Goethestraße" development plan. The drafting and display decision is scheduled for the second half of 2023, followed by the resolution to issue the statutes in the first half of 2024. Construction could then begin in mid-2024. This urban development upgrade is intended to make the pedestrian zone more attractive and thus sustainably revitalize the city center.

South Head Center

The Berlin project developer Jürgen Peters, who owns "Porschestraße 102 GmbH und Co. KG", has been revitalizing the Südkopfcenter since 2020. New retailers, a fitness studio and gastronomy have already been settled. Apartments are also part of the portfolio. The building complex at the southern end of the pedestrian zone has been renamed the "Museums-Arkaden" because it is opposite the art museum.

Ratsgymnasium and Pestalozziallee

The main building of the traditional Ratsgymnasium, Wolfsburg's oldest, will be partially demolished and rebuilt at a cost of around 25.8 million euros, and the existing building will be renovated. A further almost two million euros has been approved for improved IT equipment. Because of its prominent inner-city location, both the outdoor facilities facing Pestalozziallee and the schoolyard areas to the south are to be redesigned according to plans drawn up by the sassGlaesser & Co. Landschaftsarchitektur GbR consortium, Berlin, together with KuBuS freiraumplanung GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin, and will in future optimally link all new and old parts of the building. Its completion will mark the end of the school modernization process that has been ongoing since 2010.

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