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Immobilization of a vehicle

  • General information

    The distinction between 'temporary' and 'permanent' decommissioning no longer exists since 2007. A vehicle has either the status 'registered' or 'decommissioned'.

    The registration office that keeps the license plate is automatically notified of the decommissioning. From there, a notification is sent to the main customs office and the vehicle insurance company.

    However, the decommissioned vehicle may no longer be driven or parked on public roads.

    The license plate can be reserved for 12 months for re-registration of the vehicle to the same owner. Alternatively, the license plate can be reserved for another vehicle during the decommissioning process. In this case, the reservation period is three months. In principle, no reservation can be made for vehicles not registered in Wolfsburg.

    However, there is no entitlement to an allocation of the reserved license plate.

    It is generally possible to take a vehicle out of service without a power of attorney, provided that all the necessary documents are presented.

    Since 2017, it has been possible to decommission vehicles online. Please note that different requirements apply here.

  • Online processing
  • Required documents

    • Registration certificate part I/vehicle registration certificate
    • License plates
    • In the case of scrapping: certificate of destruction from the recycling company. In the case of simultaneous presentation of a certificate of destruction at the time of decommissioning (§ 15 Para. I FZV), it is still necessary to present the registration certificate Part II or the vehicle registration document.

  • Fees

    Fees are charged in accordance with the German Road Traffic Fee Regulations (GebOSt).

    • 16.50 euros for deregistration
    • 16.50 euros for decommissioning with proof of utilization

  • Legal basis
  • Contact

    Citizen Services
    City Hall B, Room 015
    Phone: 05361 28-1234
    Fax: 05361 28-2090

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    You can also use this service at the administrative offices in Fallersleben and Vorsfelde.

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