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Weapon ownership card for hunters

  • General information

    Issuance of a gun ownership card for hunters.

  • Requirements

    • Age of majority
    • Reliability
    • Personal suitability
    • Valid annual hunting license
    • Guarantee of proper storage of firearms
    • Resident in the Federal Republic of Germany for at least five years

  • Required documents

    • Proof of purchase and photos of the gun cabinet
    • Identity card

  • Fees

    Weapon entry within an acquisition process:

    Weapons possession card without entry: 30,00 Euro
    Weapons possession card with previous entry: 60,00 Euro

    Weapon pre-entry: 60,00 Euro

    1st weapon: 25,00 Euro
    2nd to 10th weapon: 18,00 Euro
    From the 11th weapon: 12,00 Euro

    Ammunition acquisition permit per caliber: 25,00 Euro

    Weapon discharge within one transfer:

    1st weapon: 20,00 Euro
    2nd to 10th weapon: 15,00 Euro
    From the 11th weapon: 12,00 Euro

  • Deadlines


    The initial registration of a handgun is called a pre-registration and entitles the holder to purchase a handgun within one year of issuance, followed by a notice of purchase.

  • Special features

    As a rule, hunters may acquire a maximum of two handguns; for handguns, an ammunition acquisition permit must also be entered in the weapons ownership card, if desired; the permit costs another 25.00 euros.

  • Responsible office

    Public Order Office: City Hall B, Room 012

    Tel.: 05361 28-1234

    Fax: 05361 28-2613

    Send e-mail

  • Forms
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