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Fiber optic extension

City has developed "white spots

Wolfsburg becomes a digital model city - citywide fiber optic network under construction

A fiber-optic network covering the entire city area is to set the course for the digital future in Wolfsburg. According to Lord Mayor Klaus Mohrs, the creation of a high-performance IT infrastructure is the basic prerequisite for developing Wolfsburg into a digital model city. According to an analysis carried out in 2015, there are still very few parts of Wolfsburg that are underserved by broadband, the so-called "white spots". Nevertheless, there is a need for modernization: New, increasingly complex digital offerings are emerging all the time, producing enormous volumes of data. Conventional copper lines are barely able to transport them. Fiber optics increase Internet speed by a factor of 300, making it easier to send and receive data. For the fiber optic expansion, the city area is divided into 42 sub-areas (so-called clusters), which are then connected in sections.

City has developed "white spots

Three areas, the so-called "white spots," have been reliably and future-proofed by the city itself with its own infrastructure. In Almke, parts of Neindorf and Ilkerbruch (including the landfill site), 937 households and 81 companies have been connected to the fiber-optic network since mid-2018. WOBCOM GmbH, as the leaseholder of the network, will take care of marketing and operation. Since the beginning of May 2019, WOBCOM has been in the process of connecting the laid fiber-optic house connections to the active technology so that citizens can use the fiber. The total cost was approximately 4.5 million euros. The expansion was co-financed by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure with subsidies amounting to 50 percent of the eligible costs under the federal government's broadband funding guidelines. The state of Lower Saxony will also participate with subsidies.

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