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Education, culture & Sports

Keyboard instruments

Piano keys
N. Schmitz / pixelio.de

In keyboard instruments, the tones are produced by striking keys. Unlike a guitar, for example, the sound is not produced directly on the instrument, but rather a mechanism is triggered via the key, which indirectly causes the sound to be produced.

At the music school of the city of Wolfsburg, the three most important keyboard instruments piano, keyboard and accordion can be learned.

  • Piano
    A keyboard instrument
    Jutta Wieland / pixelio.de

    The piano is one of the most popular and versatile instruments.

    It is possible to start playing the piano at a very early age, but you can start at any age, which is why the number of adult pianists is constantly increasing. Whether you're a beginner or just starting out again, anyone can fulfill their dream of playing the piano.

    Playing the piano promotes the ability to concentrate, trains motor skills, trains abstract thinking and, last but not least, inspires the imagination.

    It is also the most versatile instrument of all, whether as a solo instrument, alone or with four hands, whether in combination with other instruments in chamber music or as an accompaniment. There is guaranteed to be something for everyone in the selection of literature, as it covers all musical eras and is extremely varied.

    Piano sample: Domenico Scarlatti Sonata in B minor:

    It is possible to start from the age of 5. No previous knowledge is required.

    Lessons are usually one-to-one, starting with 30 minutes a week.

    The purchase of an instrument is essential. The teachers will be happy to advise you.

    There are many opportunities to perform alone or with a partner in auditions and concerts.


    • Hung Do
    • Rosalin Santoso
    • Tatjana Neufeld
    • Christine Hintz-Kosfelder
    • Matteo Guerra
    • Ulrike Uechtritz
    • Géza Gál
    • Swetlana Fichtner

    Class locations:

    • City center, Goetheschule
    • Fallersleben branch, Glockenberg School
    • Vorsfelde branch, Rudolf-Klingemann-Haus

    How much do the lessons cost?

    • Information on registration/fee schedule

    Our piano colleague Hung Do interprets the Sonata No. 17, op. 31 No. 2 by Ludwig van Beethoven:

  • Keyboard
    One keyboard
    Rainer Sturm / pixelio.de

    The keyboard is a versatile electronic keyboard instrument. With the help of microprocessors, you can imitate (replicate) all instruments. From piano to drums, the keyboard offers a wide and versatile sound. You can play pop, rock and jazz music on it, but classical, pop and folk music are not neglected either. At the beginning, group lessons with 2 to 3 participants are planned.

    You can start keyboard lessons at the age of 7. No previous musical knowledge is required.

    Where can I get a suitable instrument?
    A keyboard is available in any good music store or online. Your future teacher will be happy to advise you! An instrument can also be rented from the music school.

    Where can I play along with the keyboard?
    You can show off your keyboard skills at many performances free of charge. For example, in a keyboard ensemble or in one of the school's rock-pop bands. We also play together a lot in group lessons.


    • Marek Kowalczyk
    • Géza Gál

    Teaching locations:

    • City center, Goetheschule
    • Vorsfelde branch, Ludwig Klingemann House

    How much do the lessons cost?

    • Information on registration/fee schedule

  • Accordion
    An accordion
    Rolf / pixelio.de

    The accordion has now developed into a very versatile and concert instrument, far removed from the dusty image of sea shanties and folk music. With arrangements of baroque organ music, many great original compositions from a wide variety of styles, folk music such as musette and tango, but also current pop and film music, it can surprise and delight its listeners time and again.

    This is what the accordion sounds like:

    There are individual and group lessons with a maximum of 3 participants.

    Lessons can be started at the age of 6. No previous musical knowledge is required.

    Beginner lessons generally start with button/standard bass MII, but lessons for button and/or melody bass MIII are also possible by arrangement.

    Where can I get a suitable instrument?
    Good rental instruments are available. Your teacher will be happy to advise you on the possible use of existing instruments or the purchase of a new or second-hand accordion.

    In which ensemble can I play with an accordion?
    After just a few years of lessons, you can join the youth accordion orchestra "BellowShake" or the folklore group "Clover" free of charge.

    Here you can enjoy a completely different sound experience and put your skills to the test in many joint performances.

    The instructors:

    • Grit Wanzek

    Teaching locations:

    • City center, Goetheschule

    How much do the lessons cost?

    • See registration/fee schedule

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