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Counseling offer for parents

If you have questions about your child's upbringing or development, you can get advice and support from the on-site Parent Child Daycare Counseling Team.
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Aim of our consulting services

Your child is perceived by us in its social environment (at home or in the kindergarten group). Together with his or her most important caregivers, we find explanations for his or her behavior in order to support him or her accordingly.

  • to strengthen you in your role as a parent and to give you security in the upbringing and development of your child
  • to support the developmental progress of your child with its special developmental needs in the day care center
  • to create the best possible developmental conditions for your child on site, together with you and the pedagogical staff, and to accompany you in an advisory capacity.

Topics with which you can contact us

  • Are other children further along in their development than my child? Is something wrong?
  • My child does what it wants! How do I set the limit?
  • How can I help my child deal with his or her feelings?
  • How do I strengthen my child to get off to a good start at school?
  • How can I help my child during separation and divorce?
  • Single parent! How do I take good care of myself and still give my child everything he or she needs?
  • Illness and death in the family - how do I deal with grief and pain with my child?

  • To strengthen your parent-child relationship
  • To support you in implementing your own parenting ideas
  • To find practical solutions for everyday life together

We are happy to offer you the following forms of cooperation:

  • We observe your child in the day care center or at your home
  • We support you in promoting your child's development -
  • We hold discussions with you and/or the pedagogical staff
  • We carry out a curative pedagogical developmental assessment
  • We support or accompany you with further assistance

Here you can find an interview from the magazine "Freischwimmer" about our work.

Here youcan download our consultation flyer and the information on data protection.

In addition, you can take advantage of online counseling here.


Youth Division
Department: Early childhood education
Area of expertise: Development and counseling

On-site counseling
Schiller Street 4
38440 Wolfsburg

Mrs. Bromann

Phone: 05361 28-1573

Mrs. Kampa

Phone: 05361 28-2823

Mrs. Radatus

Phone: 05361 28-2862

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