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Politics & Administration


The Green Services division has a total of approximately 10,050,000 square meters of maintenance area in 1,200 properties to work on. In addition, there is the maintenance of approximately 280 kilometers of paths (recreational paths, agricultural paths owned by the city) and the 25 municipal cemeteries.
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In addition to the internal administrative unit (management support, controlling and personnel matters), the Green Business Unit is divided into three major areas: Area Responsibility and Cemetery Management, Green and Open Space Planning, and Green Space Maintenance and Cemeteries.

The city's Green Division is not located in the city hall, but in a branch office in Dieselstraße or directly at the municipal forest cemetery (cemetery administration) in Werderstraße.

  • Space Management and Internal Service

    Given the large number of areas and objects for which the department is responsible and which it provides as a service provider for other business areas (youth, school, property and building management, among others) and third party owners (WEB, hospital, among others), legal obligations (obligation to ensure road safety, obligations of owners under neighboring law, among others) necessitate the establishment of an "area management" staff unit. This is assigned directly to the head of the business unit. It thus relieves the head of the business unit by providing expert knowledge and acting in an advisory capacity.

    The staff unit is thus assigned both management tasks that lie within the original area of responsibility of the head of the business unit (e.g., ensuring traffic safety in play areas, statutes and fees for the burial service) and tasks with a business unit-wide impact (e.g., quality and complaints management, customer support, and provision of management and operational control information from the green space information system). It acts as the manager of the public green spaces and provides the link between internal and external customers and the green space maintenance operation.

  • Green and open space planning

    Department 08-2 is concerned with the planning and construction of green spaces and playgrounds, both in public green spaces and for internal and external customers. This includes inner-city projects of national importance as well as outdoor school facilities, day care centers, public playgrounds and other outdoor facilities.

    Furthermore, within the framework of landscape and green space planning, landscape management plans are drawn up and implemented for A-E areas, these are coordinated with the project developers, the A-E cadastre is maintained and land and land consumption are managed.

  • Green Space Management

    Green Space Management

    The department is a comprehensive service provider in all tasks related to green space maintenance in the entire city area and in the districts. It also ensures traffic safety on paths and squares and on trees in all public green spaces, in cemeteries and on areas belonging to internal and external customers. In detail, the following tasks are performed:

    Green space maintenance

    • Care and maintenance of public green spaces including fixtures
    • Care and maintenance of green spaces and fixtures as an internal service provider for schools, daycare centers, playgrounds, roadside green spaces, properties of the Real Estate and Facility Management division according to individual orders
    • Care and maintenance of green spaces and fixtures as an external service provider (for example, hospital, SchwefelBad Fallersleben, Wolfsburger Entwässerungsbetriebe),
    • Tree inspection and maintenance, including felling, in public green spaces and in the properties for which the Green Infrastructure business unit acts as an internal or external service provider
    • Control and maintenance of paths and squares in green spaces
    • Training of a maximum of 15 gardeners specializing in horticulture and landscaping
    • Additional cleaning work at representative locations or on special occasions
    • Planting, installation, care and maintenance of planters and flowering columns for decoration and for traffic-regulating measures
    • Production and delivery of decorations for events, presents and wreaths
    • Procurement and installation of Christmas trees at representative locations
    • Installation and maintenance of flagpoles in the entire city area
    • Provision of various flags and flagging in the entire city area on request
    • Transport of the playmobile for the youth division
    • Operation of an agricultural machinery workshop with the following tasks:
      • Maintenance and repair of owned vehicles, attachments, machinery and equipment.
      • Maintenance and repair of vehicles, attachments, machines and equipment and provision of special operating materials as an internal and external service provider for the Green - Cemeteries and Funeral Services, School and Sports, Professional Fire Department, Clinic and various sports clubs divisions
      • Care and maintenance of sports field irrigation and water play facilities
      • Fence and metal construction work in public green spaces and as an internal and external service provider, in particular also for ensuring traffic safety on playground equipment
    • Training of a total of up to 12 mechanics for agricultural and construction machinery technology
    • Operation of a carpentry shop with the following tasks:
      • Repair of benches and other wooden fixtures in public green spaces and as an internal and external service provider
      • Repair of playground equipment at playgrounds, daycare centers and schools, especially to ensure traffic safety, as an internal service provider
    • Operation of a painting shop for the maintenance of benches, playground equipment and other wooden and metal fixtures in public green spaces and as a service provider
    • Winter service on paths and squares in public green spaces and as a service provider with its own staff. In contrast to Wolfsburg's Waste Management and Street Cleaning Division, which provides winter services on dedicated areas, the Green Spaces Division is responsible for all paths and squares that are not dedicated but serve as main traffic routes or as school routes. In addition, the Green Division provides support, for example, in schools or day-care centers, and ensures winter maintenance on the grounds of the municipal hospital.
    • Various work according to individual orders

  • Cemetery


    The department is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the 25 municipal cemeteries. In detail, the following tasks are performed:

    • Burial in the ground and urns on (annually approx. 1,100) with an area of approx. 80 hectares including grave excavation, carrier service, preparation of gravesites, care and administration of the cemetery chapels and associated toilets and leveling.
    • Planning and implementation of new
    • Training of a total of two funeral directors
    • Training of a total of three cemetery gardeners
    • Training of a total of up to three horticultural workers
    • Care and maintenance of the areas assigned to the gravesites, including infrastructure and fixtures
    • Tree control and tree maintenance at all 25 cemeteries
    • areas not assigned to gravesites
    • Winter service on all cemetery areas and areas assigned to the cemeteries

  • Contact

    City of Wolfsburg
    Green Division
    Diesel Street 36
    38446 Wolfsburg

    Phone: 05361 28-1234

    E-mail to the Green Division

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