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Forest experiences
in Wolfsburg's city forest

The forest is good for you! Birdsong, lush greenery and forest scents - this special mixture is what makes the forest so beneficial for us humans. Embark on a journey of discovery with specially certified forest health trainers and forest educators in Wolfsburg's beautiful urban forest.

Whether mindful forest baths, mushroom and herb hikes, children's birthday parties in the forest or magic forest readings for primary school children - our trained forest experts will inspire you with their fascinating offers.

Dirk Schäfer - Forest ranger Wolfsburg city forest
Birte Schmetjen - Founder of Waldwohl GmbH

  • Nicole Schaa

    Nicole Schaa

    Nicole SchaaWALDWOHL® trainer for forest and health programs
    Certified course instructor for forest bathing and mindfulness in the forest
    Certified course instructor for forest bathing for children and young people

    Partner of the UNESCO Drömling Biosphere Reserve
    Member of the German Forest Protection Association
    Voluntary commitment to "Help for barn owls"

    Nicole Schaa; Photo: Mike Borrmann Photography

  • About me

    As a child, it was natural for me to regularly disappear into the forest for a few hours to discover nature with others and myself in the process. The omnipresent aesthetics of nature also shaped me as a photographer, graphic designer and children's book author. To this day, I am deeply aware of the power of the "enchanted forest". My growing knowledge of this constantly opens up new, creative forms of expression for me, such as forest bathing, to lovingly bring the forest to people's hearts.

  • Personal focus

    In my courses, the greatest attention is focused on the intensive experience of one's own senses while immersing oneself in the vitalizing power of the forest atmosphere. Silence and contemplation play a decisive role here. Our own imagination and creative thoughts unfold as if by themselves and enable us to immerse ourselves in deeper levels - both in our own inner being and in the essence of the forest. Returning to our roots opens our hearts to a much-needed return to nature - and away from its thoughtless exploitation.

  • My goals for participants

    Together, the forest and the bioactive substances it contains contain a natural energy that helps us to bring body and soul into harmony. Through mindful sensory, movement and breathing exercises in the forest, we will not only reduce stress, but also find our inner peace. This can help us to develop empathy, reverence and gratitude and thus lead a more fulfilling life.

  • Target groups

    • Primary school children
    • Teenagers from grade 11
    • Adults, individuals
    • Companies, clubs, self-help groups, leisure groups, etc...

  • Forest areas

    Urban forest / Hasselbachtal

    UNESCO Drömling Biosphere Reserve: Velsdorfer Wäldchen

    Other forests/ woodlands by prior arrangement &

  • Cooperation partner
  • What is still close to my heart

    Some are moved to tears by a tree,
    for others it is just something green that stands in the way.
    For some, nature is ridiculous and misshapen,
    others don't even notice it.
    But for those who have imagination, nature is imagination itself.

    William Blake

  • Contact us for the booking

    Office: 05361 / 8481348
    Mobile: 0172 / 1497908
    E-Mail: hallo@entdecke-den-zauberwald.de

  • Sylvia Cultus

    Sylvia Cultus

    Certified forest educatorSylvia Cultus
    WALDWOHL® trainer for forest and health programs
    Course leader for forest bathing and mindfulness in the forest

    Photo: private

  • About me


    Hobbies: Forest, mushrooms, garden, herbs, bees...

  • Personal focus

    My motto: The forest is good for you - forest adventure tours and forest bathing courses

  • My goals for participants

    Enthusiastically show the natural beauty of the local urban forest, amaze and arouse curiosity. Preventing the general health of participants. Promoting sensory experience, training all six senses. General stress reduction, mobilizing strength for everyday life. Inspire motivation to work for the protection of the forest, which is the basis of our existence.

  • Target groups

    • Interested parties from 16 to 66 years
    • Individual families
    • Seniors aged 66 and over
    • Women's groups

  • Forest areas

    Wolfsburg city forest around the Hasselbach valley



    Hohenstedt Wood

  • What is still close to my heart

    Bringing people and forests together for the benefit of both.

  • Cooperation partner
  • Contact us for the booking

    E-mail: waldwohl-cultus@wolfsburg.de

  • Nancy Friedrichsen

    Nancy Friedrichsen

    Forest bathing course instructorNancy Friedrichsen
    WALDWOHL® trainer for forest health

    Photo: Margit Till

  • About me

    My name is Nancy Friedrichsen and I have been working in the field of health for more than 16 years. It all started with my correspondence course to become a fitness specialist, yoga training, in-depth yoga therapy training and, of course, training as a forest wellness trainer/forest bathing course instructor. I have always been fascinated by the body, mind and soul of a person. That is why I have completed many training courses and continue to train regularly in these areas.

    I have not only been interested in yoga and upward orientation for a long time, but I have also felt very drawn to Mother Nature since I was a child. In order to lead a stable life here on earth, I have decided to embark on the path of nature mentoring as a supporting pillar. What do I mean by nature mentoring?

    All living beings on earth are closely connected to each other. We humans have lost this connection partially or even almost completely. Everything is controlled from the outside and we are completely at the mercy of this flood of social media or even dependent on it. Of course it makes our lives easier, but at what cost? I believe we should get back to our roots. And this is exactly what I do as a nature mentor. Thanks to my diverse qualifications and my own experiences within my environment, I have become much more aware of a number of things, especially in recent years. What happens during nature mentoring? In a nutshell, I go into nature together and let nature do its work. Your mind calms down and you automatically reconnect with your center. I work with elements from yoga therapy, breathing training and use 10 ingredients from forest bathing. Another important element is that "your" tree finds you and stands by your side right now in this situation. Your tree supports you in unfolding your potential. Trees are still a part of us and we are also a part of them. Very old trees in particular teach us humility and reverence. You probably remember the "village lime trees" from the past, why did people meet there and celebrate festivals? That is exactly what is still in us. Trees give us stability. It is precisely this support that we have lost... the support is inside us - not outside.

  • Personal focus

    I slowly immerse myself in the forest through a guided walking meditation. I create a space internally to let go and breathe in order to arrive back at my "self". FEEL-BREATHE-LET GO. I use methods from yoga and meditation practices that I am familiar with. Another component is ancient rituals such as "smoking" with local bark. We connect more intensively with the forest at special places of power. We use ancient knowledge.

  • My goals for participants

    Through my many years of experience in the field of health, yoga therapy and meditation, I give participants the opportunity to reconnect with the connectedness of the forest from my perspective. Especially in today's media-driven world, it is important not to lose your roots. If you are connected with yourself, then you are also connected with the nature that surrounds you.

  • Target groups

    My target group are adults who are curious and open with themselves and want to reconnect with themselves in the forest. I also take children aged 6-10 into the forest in small groups. The children get to know the forest in a playful way. We listen to a woodpecker, feel the moss on our hands. We experience a time together and I give the children the opportunity to go into their own time, build tipis, make forest mandalas, simply reconnect creatively with nature.

  • Forest areas

    Forest around the Tankumsee, Wolfsburg city forest

  • Cooperation partner
  • What is still close to my heart

    Nature and especially the forest have always been close to my heart. Through my work as a forest lifeguard, I try to bring this closer to the participants through feeling and perception. Only so often do we appreciate things that we experience up close. In order to make the forest sustainable for the next generation, I also offer activities for children. A good quote from Maria Montessori sums this up: "What concerns children concerns mankind!

  • Contact us for the booking

    E-mail: info@yogafit-nancy.de

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