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Health & Social

Alternative practitioner

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Anyone wishing to practice medicine professionally in the city of Wolfsburg without a medical license must obtain permission from the Health Department of the city of Wolfsburg, Rosenweg 1a, 38446 Wolfsburg, in accordance with the Heilpraktikergesetz (Heilpraktiker Act). Once permission has been granted, the applicant may use the title "Heilpraktiker/ Heilpraktikerin" (non-medical practitioner).

Heilpraktiker*innen are allowed to practice medicine according to their knowledge and skills within the legal restrictions. In contrast to a doctor, they are not allowed to perform the following actions:

  • Prescribe prescription drugs and anesthetics,
  • Treat infectious diseases in accordance with the Infection Protection Act,
  • perform obstetrics and treatments in dentistry.
The permit allows a broad field of activity in the field of medicine. Likewise, a restriction to the field of psychotherapy or physiotherapy is possible.

For participation in the oral and written examination procedure of the Lower Saxony State Office for Social Affairs, Youth and Family, the following documents must be submitted to the Health Office:

  1. Application stating the location in which the establishment is planned.
  2. Brief curriculum vitae
  3. Birth certificate or an excerpt from the parents' family register or an excerpt from the family register kept for the marriage
  4. Proof of citizenship of the applicant (citizenship certificate, only in cases of doubt, otherwise identity card or passport)
  5. Official certificate of good conduct, which must be issued no earlier than one month before submission (to be applied for at the Citizen Services, City Hall B)
  6. Medical certificate, issued not earlier than one month prior to submission, stating that there are no indications that the applicant is incapable or unsuitable to practice as a non-medical practitioner due to physical infirmity, weakness of mental or physical strength, or addiction.
  7. Proof of completed school education
  8. A statement as to whether the applicant is the subject of pending criminal or public prosecution proceedings.
  9. Declaration as to whether an application for admission to practice as a non-medical practitioner has already been made and, if so, when and where.
Only certified copies may be submitted.

The minimum age for taking the examination is 25 years.

After the documents have been checked, the health office registers the applicant with the expert committee of the Lower Saxony State Office for Social Affairs, Youth and Family. A direct registration of the applicant is not possible.

The written part of the examination takes place on the third Wednesday in March and on the second Wednesday in October. The deadline for submitting the documents to the health office is regularly 15.01. (examination in March) and 15.08. (examination in October).


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    City of Wolfsburg
    Health Division
    Rosenweg 1a
    38446 Wolfsburg

    Phone: 05361 28-2020

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