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Politics & Administration

Vehicle registration office

Registration, vehicle documents, license plates and more

  • Internet-based vehicle registration (iKfz)

    Here you can use the internet-based vehicle registration (i-Kfz) on the STVA portal of the vehicle registration office.

    Not possible with the internet-based vehicle registration are currently:

    • E-license plate
    • Interchangeable license plates
    • Red license plates
    • Green license plates
    • Vintage license plates
    • Export license plates
    • Short-term license plates
    • Registration for underage vehicle owners
    • Registrations for companies
    • Registration of vehicles with multi-stage type approval (there are several EC certificates of conformity)
    • Creation of replacement documents, e.g. after loss or theft
    • Registration of technical modifications

  • The Internet-based vehicle registration iKfz is currently not available. The city of Wolfsburg is currently working on the introduction of iKfz level 4.

    In the vehicle registration office you will find information and contacts on the subject of motor vehicles.

    Anyone planning to visit Bürgerdienste must make an appointment via the online appointment system or by calling the Service Center (Behördenrufnummer 115).

    Our services on the subject of vehicle registration

    More offers

  • Approval
  • Vehicle documents
  • Short-term and seasonal license plates
  • Vehicle tax

    As soon as you register a vehicle, taxes are due for it in most cases. The relevant main customs office is notified automatically when you register your vehicle. You will receive a calculation of your tax, which is usually payable for one year in advance.
    When a vehicle is taken out of service, the main customs office is also notified automatically. You will then receive from there the notice of any refund.


    The Federal Republic of Germany loses millions every year due to delinquent motor vehicle tax payers. This money is lost directly to the citizens. Enforcing the outstanding motor vehicle taxes on the delinquent debtors is very time-consuming and causes further considerable administrative costs.
    Therefore, since July 1, 2008, the registration of a motor vehicle has been made subject to the following conditions:

    As before, a vehicle will only be registered if the vehicle owner issues a SEPA direct debit mandate for the motor vehicle tax from a bank account and, in addition, a motor vehicle will only be registered if the vehicle owner has no motor vehicle tax arrears or arrears of related ancillary tax payments (e.g., late payment surcharges).

    In the case of registration by proxy, the following should be noted:

    The authorized representative must submit a SEPA direct debit mandate signed by the motor vehicle owner himself to the registration authority. At the same time, a declaration of consent must be signed by the motor vehicle owner that the authorized representative may be notified of any outstanding motor vehicle taxes and ancillary services.

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    City of Wolfsburg
    Citizen services

    City of Wolfsburg
    Porschestrasse 49
    38440 Wolfsburg

    Telephone: 05361 28-1234
    Fax: 05361 28-2948

    E-mail: servicecenter@stadt.wolfsburg.de

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