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Education, culture & Sports

Child day care

In Wolfsburg, families have access to a variety of different educational facilities for the care of their children. In addition to daycare centers, children's and family centers and children's rooms, daycare is an important pillar in the early childhood education and care landscape of the city of Wolfsburg.
Wolle Wolfsburg - Child day care

Child day care

You can obtain individual advice on child day care from the City of Wolfsburg. Please write to us:

Youth Division
Department of Early Childhood Education

Pestalozziallee 1a, 38440 Wolfsburg
Telephone: 05361 28-5055
E-mail: kindertagespflege@stadt.wolfsburg.de

News in child day care

  • Wool postcards

    Interested in displaying the postcards in your own daycare center? The postcards can be ordered via fachberatung-kindertagespflege@stadt.wolfsburg.de.

  • Upcoming events for childminders

    07.06.2024 Save the Date - Family celebration of child day care:
    We would like to cordially invite all childminders and their families to a cozy outdoor get-together. More detailed information regarding time, location and planned activities will be announced shortly. We are looking forward to spending some quality time together and exchanging ideas. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for further details!

    Expert talks for childcare in the new year 2024
    We would like to thank you for the numerous registrations for our expert talks. Here is an overview of the upcoming dates:

    World birth week: Birth and settling in
    Date: May 08, 2024

    Time: 17.00 - 18.00 hrs
    Location: Municipal Children's and Family Center on the Ring
    Stralsunder Ring 45 A

    Concept MOT
    Date: June 11, 2024

    Time: 17.00 - 18.00 hrs
    Location: Schillerstraße 4

    Case discussions
    Date: July 04, 2024
    Time: 17.00 - 18.30 hrs
    Location: Schillerstraße 4

    Not registered yet? No problem! Write a message to fachberatung-kindertagespflege@stadt.wolfsburg.de

  • What is child day care?

    Child day care is a family-like, legally recognized form of childcare that is primarily offered for children up to the age of three. In a day care center, up to five children are cared for simultaneously by a qualified day carer in their home or in rented premises (FAMILIENNEST). The childminder promotes children's educational and developmental processes and provides families with advice and support for their children. In addition to the small group size and the mostly family environment, a special feature of child day care is the reliable caregiver. Childminders can also work in the family's household or join forces and open a large daycare center (GROSS.FAMILIENNEST) to jointly care for up to 10 children.

  • Framework concept

    Interaktive Grafik

  • For families

    Dear families,

    Welcome! We are delighted that you are interested in child day care.

    Below we have put together some important information about child day care. The day care team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    If you would like to register your child for a place in child day care, there are several options open to you:

    1. You can use the child day care portal to gain an overview of what is on offer or to find a child day care provider yourself.
    2. You can contact a childminder directly

    or register using the online registration form. The childcare team will be happy to advise you and put you in touch with a suitable childminder.

    Alternatively, you can use the Wolles Welt portal to register. There you can select the option "Family nest" (child day care center) or "Large family nest" (large day care centers of Familienservice gGmbH).

  • For childminders (KTPP)
  • Further and advanced training for childminders

    Expert talks on child day care September 2023 to August 2024

    Welcome to the expert talks!

    Please register at fachberatung-kindertagespflege@stadt.wolfsburg.de

    You will receive a link to MS Teams for the online events.



    November 7th

    17.00 - 18.00

    Wolle-liest library VHS

    Exchange: Book round

    Picture books pick up on the children's world of experience and deepen or expand it. There are topics that appeal to children at all times and those that take up a special (currently individual / current) topic. Both have their justification.

    There are also situations in everyday life or in the child's development where we often don't know what to do. A picture book is a good companion for the parents and the child to process certain life situations.

    We will introduce ourselves to our "favorite picture book" and develop ideas on how the picture book can be presented and used in the future.

    December 14

    17.00 - 18.00

    Location: MS Teams

    Presentation of the child protection framework concept - Online appointment -

    Child protection is a statutory duty for everyone who works with children at all levels. The new child protection framework concept describes how the legal mandate is implemented in Wolfsburg's day care centers. It is the basis for action for all those active in the field of child day care from the child day care centers, specialist advice and employees of the youth welfare office.

    At this information event, the child protection framework concept will be presented and there will be room for questions and discussions on the topic.

    January 17, 2024

    17:00 - 18:30

    Location: Schillerstraße 4

    Case discussion Cooperation with parents

    Invitation to case discussions in small groups on the topic of working with parents!

    February 15, 2024

    17.00 - 18.00 hrs

    Location: MS Teams

    Information on fire protection - Online appointment

    An employee of the Wolfsburg fire department will report on fire safety requirements in daycare.

    March 05, 2024

    17.00 - 18.00 hrs

    Location: Schillerstraße 4

    Conceptual TÜV fire protection:

    The general fire safety regulations must be implemented in their individual premises. In addition to the room standards, this also includes the pedagogical implementation.

    We will discuss your solutions and standards together.

    Child day care is an important pillar in the early childhood care landscape. With the inclusion of child day care in the Lower Saxony Child Day Care Act (NKitaG), quality requirements have also been more clearly defined and further training has been enshrined in law.

    Quality in child day care depends largely on the commitment of the child day care provider. However, good professionalism also requires continuous further development and qualification.

    As part of its municipal responsibility, the city of Wolfsburg aims to provide a needs-based, high-quality qualification and further training program for Wolfsburg's childminders. To this end, Fabi and the VHS have been commissioned as training providers.

    Childminders have many opportunities to shape their field of activity. In this context, the training programme offers numerous opportunities for profiling and professionalization.

    We cordially invite you to browse and make active use of the courses on offer. At the same time, we invite you to contact the Wolfsburg specialist advisory services if you have a request that you cannot find in the program. We will be happy to take your wishes on board and expand our program.

    Overview of further training and qualifications 2023-2024

  • Child day care from A - Z


  • Training: Do I need training to work as a childminder in Wolfsburg?

    This depends, among other things, on the professional experience and qualifications you bring with you. There are different ways to start as a childminder.

    • Without previous socio-educational training:
      You must have at least a secondary school leaving certificate in order to complete the mandatory basic qualification of 300 teaching units. This is carried out in Wolfsburg via Fabi Wolfsburg. The costs incurred for this course are borne by the city of Wolfsburg. After completing the course, a corresponding application can be made for a care permit.
    • With previous training in social education (e.g. educators, social assistants):
      A care permit can be applied for immediately. However, due to the special features of child day care, it is advisable to take part in the basic qualification.

  • Occupancy

  • As a childminder, can I choose the families myself?

    Yes, you have the option of registering your profile on the joint portal page for Wolfsburg childminders so that families can find you via this channel.

  • Supervision times

  • As a self-employed childminder, am I allowed to set my own childcare hours?

    As an independent KTPP, you determine the opening hours of your daycare center, within the framework of which parents contractually agree with you on the childcare hours they require.

  • Parental contribution

  • How much do I have to pay for child day care?

    A fee is charged for childcare based on the hours of childcare funded and your income. These are identical to the costs for crèche care.

    Additional information can be found in the guidelines, section 9

  • Reduction

  • What documents do I need to submit for a reduction in the parental contribution?

    In order to calculate the parental contribution, the Youth Division requires the completed application for a reduction/waiver of the standard contribution as well as the corresponding proof of income.

  • Promotion

  • Is child day care for families subsidized?

    The City of Wolfsburg supports childcare from 10 hours per week up to a maximum of 50 hours. In the case of childcare before or after daycare or school, funding is provided for 5 hours or more per week.

    For parents: The basic childcare requirement is 30 hours per week (Mon-Fri from 8:00-16:00) and can be applied for from the childcare team without justification. If the requirement is more than 30 hours per week or outside the time frame, the claim must be justified in detail.
    When and where do I, as the legal guardian, have to submit the application for funding?
    The application must be submitted in writing to the City of Wolfsburg at least four weeks in advance. You can obtain the application here (link) or from the responsible childminder.

    You are welcome to submit the complete application to us by post, in person or by email at kindertagespflege@stadt.wolfsburg.de.

  • Further training

  • What training and further education opportunities are there for childminders?

    There is an extensive range of further training courses for childminders at the VHS and at Fabi Wolfsburg.

    The qualification courses take place at Fabi. These include a two-part basic qualification, an advanced qualification and an additional module on "Inclusion".

    The individual training courses can be found in the current program of the educational institutions (VHS Fabi) or on the municipal homepage Wolfsburger Kindertagespflege.

    Additional information can be found in the guidelines, section 7.4.

  • Interest

  • I am interested in working as a childminder. Who can I contact?

    The Youth Division of the City of Wolfsburg offers detailed advice. You can reach the team in the Early Childhood Education department by email or by phone at


    Telephone 05361 28-2824


  • Number of children

  • How many children may/can I look after?

    The number of children to be cared for depends on the individual requirements (e.g. room size) and is determined when the care permit is issued.

    In principle, a care permit is possible for up to 5 children present at the same time. If you meet the requirements, you can decide whether you want to care for five children at the same time or fewer.

  • Is there a minimum number of children?

    At least one other child must be cared for in child day care.

  • Day care centers

  • How do I know which KTPP is available?

    The child day care team in the youth division arranges places in the child day care centers. You can find more detailed information on individual childminders on the Wolfsburg childminders' website.

  • Costs for qualification

  • What does the qualification course cost?

    The qualification course is free of charge for participants from Wolfsburg

  • Illness

  • What do I do if I am ill?

    They inform the parents immediately. Some childminders have built up a network of substitutes that they can fall back on in the event of illness.

    Upon presentation of a medical certificate, a self-employed childminder is entitled to continued payment of the current cash benefit in the event of illness for a maximum of 14 days per calendar year. This also includes sick days of their own children.

    In the case of employed childminders, the provisions of the employment contract apply.

  • Place search

  • How do I get a childcare place at the KTP?

    You have the option of asking childminders directly about available places or you can contact the Youth Division of the City of Wolfsburg. You can reach the responsible team in the Early Childhood Education Department by e-mail or telephone at (see Contact)

  • Qualification

  • How long does the qualification take and how is it structured?

    The basic qualification currently lasts approx. 14 months and is divided into several sections.

    The basic qualification consists of two parts, each of which concludes with a learning outcome test. After successful completion, a certificate can be applied for from the Bundesverband Kindertagespflege. This is recognized in most federal states.

    Part 1 of the basic qualification includes

    • a preparatory course of 160 teaching hours
    • an internship of 80 hours
    • 140 self-study units to be completed
    • An assessment of learning outcomes as the basis for the issue of a care permit

    After completing the preparatory course for the basic qualification, you have the opportunity to apply for a carer's license from the Youth Division. Once the care permit has been issued, you can start working as a childminder.

    Part 2 of the basic qualification takes place alongside your work and includes another 140 hours of instruction.

    Building on this, day carers can continue their training in the advanced qualification with 120 hours in specific pedagogical subject areas such as working with parents, orientation in the social environment, organization and management.

  • At what times does the qualification course take place?

    The qualification course is offered by Fabi and can be found in the Fabi program with the respective dates. The courses currently take place in the evening and occasionally all day on Saturdays. Please contact Fabi Wolfsburg for current dates.

  • Premises

  • Do I need my own premises? Or will I be provided with rooms?

    It is possible to run a day care center either in your own home with child-friendly equipment or in specially rented and equipped premises. Alternatively, childcare can also be provided in the family's home.

    There are standards that must be met for the child's own living space, for example

    • Child-friendly furnishings
    • Sleeping places and changing facilities for the children
    • Opportunities to play, exercise and eat
    • Permission from the landlord, if applicable

    The complete requirements can be found in the guideline section 5.5

    Other rooms must be found and equipped independently.

    In an employment relationship, the rooms are usually provided by the employer.

  • Guideline

  • What does the guideline for child day care contain?

    In the guideline for child day care in Wolfsburg in the version dated 01.08.2022, the city of Wolfsburg regulates the implementation of legal requirements for local child day care centers. Important contents include

    • Description of the forms of child day care in Wolfsburg
    • Eligibility requirements and cash benefits in child day care
    • Requirements for childminders
    • Advice, support and placement of childminders
    • Specific regulations on child protection, obligations to cooperate and statistics

  • Independence

  • Am I self-employed or employed?

    You make this decision. Many childminders work independently. This means that you decide for yourself when and how you would like to provide care. Naturally in compliance with the legal requirements.

    Familienservice Wolfsburg gGmbH operates several GROSS.FAMILIENNESTER daycare centers. The childminders working there are employed by Familienservice Wolfsburg gGmbH.

    Detailed regulations can be found in the child day care guidelines on page 11 under point

  • Vacation

  • How many vacation days do I have?

    As a self-employed KTPP, you are responsible for determining your own vacation time in consultation with the families.

    As a rule, the ongoing cash benefit will continue to be paid for a total of 24 days' leave per calendar year. Further regulations can be found in section 7.3.1 of the guidelines.

    For employed childminders, the provisions of the employment contract apply.

  • Remuneration

  • Is there any remuneration?

    As a childminder, you can be self-employed or employed.

    If you are employed, you will receive remuneration in accordance with the signed employment contract.

    As a self-employed childminder, you will receive a regular cash benefit from the City of Wolfsburg if you meet the relevant requirements. This cash benefit is made up of

    • Amount to recognize the support of the child
    • Reimbursement of reasonable costs for material expenses
    • Pro rata reimbursement of social security contributions
    • Amount for indirect, pedagogical and organizational preparation and follow-up work

    The recognition amount is determined according to qualification levels.

    Further information can be found in the guideline section 6.2 or obtained in a personal consultation.

  • Prerequisite

  • What requirements do I need to fulfill to become a childminder in Wolfsburg?

    In order to work as a childminder, you need a formal care permit from the city of Wolfsburg. There are numerous requirements for this, which relate to the following areas:

    A childminder must be characterized by their

    • personality,
    • professional competence and
    • willingness to cooperate with parents, other childminders and the public youth welfare organization.
    • They must also have child-friendly premises
    • and in-depth knowledge in accordance with §43 SGB VIII i.V.m. §18 paragraph 1 numbers 1-3 NKiTaG.

    Suitability is determined in several steps by the City of Wolfsburg.

    The specialist advisory service provides support through discussions and visits to possible premises. It provides support throughout the entire process, from the initial expression of interest through the qualification period to active employment as a childminder.

    Further details can be found in the child day care guidelines on p. 13-15.

  • Cooperation

  • Can I work together with another childminder?

    It is possible to join forces with another day carer and run a so-called large day care center together on a permanent basis.
    §Section 19 NKiTaG in conjunction with the guidelines of the City of Wolfsburg regulate the details. As a rule, 8 to 10 children may be cared for together in a large day care center. A personal assignment of the day care children to one of the day carers is obligatory. Certain professional qualifications are required for the care of more than 8 children. Further details can be found in the child day care guidelines on p. 10 under point 3.1.4.

  • Additional costs

  • What costs are incurred in addition to the parental contribution?

    This depends on the daycare center, as they may charge an additional fee for meals, excursions etc.. Costs may also be incurred for care outside of the subsidized scope of care.

  • Grants

  • Are there subsidies for premises and their equipment?

    An application must be submitted to the Youth Division prior to purchase.

  • About us - Contacts

    Contact details childcare team

    Child's name


    Child day care staff

    08:30 to 15:00
    and by
    by appointment

    Dennis Dubiel

    05361 28-2653

    Irene Seliwanow


    Angelique Broscheit


    Marion Müller


    Municipal expert advice
    Elke Mrosek


    Ricarda Gellrich


    Specialist advice for child day care
    Luca Jetzke


    Jana Wulf 05361/28-5239

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